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Meaning of Names
"Simba" in Filipino (Hiligaynon) language means worship.
A gentleman to a lady. means. "I adore you."
To God means "I worship you."
I hope Indonesian language would have similar meaning.

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
On the contrary, we are becoming a society of true worshipers. Most people worship God in truth and in spirit. Only the Roman Catholics have idols and images.
Observe the evangelists around the world. Thousands are getting saved. Praise and thank God. He is true to His promise: He wants everyone to have everlasting life.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Joshua, read again the warning Jesus Christ Himself said on Matthew 24:23.
In fact read the whole chapter Matthew 24.
Then you would see the clear picture for yourself not what people said.

Did Christians Write The KJV
KJV is accepted by Christians as inspired by the Holy Spirit even by those who do not believe Jesus Christ is Lord and God. All KJV translations approved by the International Bible Society are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Highly intellectual person cannot translate the Holy Bible unless inspired by the Holy Spirit. We read the Word as pure milk, unadulterated. We use other bible commentaries with discernment. We should be aware the author is spirit-filled and does not deviate from the truth.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Israel belongs to God. On the last days, God will deliver it from anti-christ. Just wondering why people believe otherwise. Only Jesus Christ can give peace and security to the world paricularly, Israel. The world can never have peace if they continue to reject the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He is coming back soon to judge both the living and the dead. Christians can never be a backer of anti-christ.

Meaning of Names
Parents choose names for their children without thought of its meaning. Poor offspring have to accept the name even if funny and has ugly meaning. Praise God, He knows us and looks at the heart not our names.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
The major theme of Christianity is faith and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We are warned on the last days against many anti-christs. We have to stand on the Word of God to protect us. Israel belongs to God and will protect the nation for Himself.

Is Small Gambling Acceptable
Gambling is a sin. Small or big sin is a sin. And that is an idol. Avoid idols that separate you from the love of God. We have only one soul so why gamble your soul? Everyone is created by God. Choose life with God our Creator. Avoid idolatry, avoid gambling.

Time To Prepare For Rapture
Doesn't matter which comes first, rapture or tribulation. What matters is whether our family and household are saved together with us. Praise God for His wonderful love. He gave us an assurance through Jesus Christ our Lord and God.

Time To Prepare For Rapture
1 Thessalonians 4:17 - "Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them (those who sleep in Jesus) in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord." Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be raptured. Those who followed The Great Commission.

Taught To Pray To Saints
As a Roman Catholic you follow the church commandments and doctrine of your church.

Outside RC, Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. "Whatever you ask in my Name, that I will do. . ." John 14:13
Full Gospel Christians never pray to dead saints or angels. They pray directly to God according to His will.

A Revelation From God
Every time we read the Word of God, we have a new revelation depending on our circumstance at the time. The Word of God is alive and you receive a fresh revelation every time. Read a text today and read the same text next month and you receive different revelation. The revelation from God is always fresh everyday.

Hitch In Tongue Speaking
"There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices (languages, speeches) in the world, and some of them is without signification (meaning)" - ! Corinthians 14:10
This verse is simple enough and self expanatory and reads fluently already. Paul advices if you speak in tongue you must have interpretation. If none, don't say or utter it. Speaking in tongue is to edify someone, if there is no interpretion how can that person be edified?

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Only JESUS CHRIST can give the world peace.
JESUS is Christianity. Without JESUS there is no Christianity. Without JESUS there is no peace.
Antichrist is here already. Christians are waiting for the second coming of JESUS CHRIST.

What Are Charismatics
Started in 1966, "charismatic" come from the word "charisma" People who believe in salvation through Jesus Christ have been endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit movement is not new. He manifest among the people from old and new testaments. A catholic, evangelical or fundamentalist, can have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, charismatic. The Holy Spirit is not a respecter of a person or religion. He is for everybody who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

I Need A Christian Friend
i need a born again christian friend a mature christian. a godly fearing & sripit fillid person

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