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Explain Galations 2:7
//I did not write the scriptures. I am not a prophet. I just do not like a one witness version of a many witnessed story. //

Then, where is your witness to kosmos in the OT? You always refute us by saying we have no witness in the OT...Jeremiah....etc,. In your list Trav always includes Isaiah in the etc. In Acts, Paul calls witness to Isaiah, but that mean nothing to a spin doctor. Trav, you are sharpening our sword, strengthening our and Faith in the Messiah.

Thank the Word for the ethnos and kosmos and his plan of Salvation that includes anyone who hears His voice.

Testimonials During Church
The Bible is a testimony! It is a testimony of the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. When God testifies through us, it might be at a gas station, while we are in prison, after a car wreck, when we are in the hospital, while at the grocery store... Usually to a total stranger, His testimony through us is most evident, and will not see that until He judges on the Lord's Day. We testify, good or bad, everyday whether we know it or not.

I find it curious that when one testifies, it is always about 'good things' in our life (whether or not it is really God). I wonder if the church-goers would really appreciate the praise of someone with boils all over him whose family was gone and his nag left because he was no longer blessed.

Man With Reprobate Mind
The definition of reprobate come from the Lord. Our assessment in not necessary for Him to judge.

Many who do great things in His name will be turned away, a few who ask to be remembered even though they did little for Him accept acknowledge Him in front of another are saved.

With that said, I ask, can a woman with an unforgiving heart who is not willing to see the truth despite the Truth be saved? And, if God talked to me so much, why would I waste my time asking for man's opinion?

Try applying what you read and judge others on and I think you will not see a reprobate man or mean church people.

Explain Galations 2:7

Agenda was a misnomer. You know the gist of the doctrine. Any guess at an agenda would be accusatory.


You have explained away ethnos, but how do you explain away the use of 'kosmos' use in John 3:16-17?

Seven Spirits Of God
//I believe akajoseph has,from his list of spirits, named 4 of the spirits from his biblical search but even so his source does not...//

Again, I will say that two others had posted the same 'blog of interest'. Your blog to me did not seem like you were interested in my blog, it seems like you were saying that I posting out of my opinion as a result of a search from a ubiquitous source.

Demon Talking To My Husband

Your post is so ironic...LOL.

Explain Galations 2:7

James in his epistle is talking to the twelve tribes scattered abroad specifically. James 1:1. James is addressing lack of wisdom and faith, and he culminates the 7 previous verses with this one and it does not seem to be a reference to Gentiles. However, you use others words the way that you need.

Explain Galations 2:7
Mark, I will get to this later.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
2 Peter 3:16...

Trav, thanks for sharpening my sword: 2Peter is a great epistle:

2Pe 1:1 Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:

You quoted John, who was an apostle of Jesus, who you said was to go out to the nations/ethnos (not Gentiles), so that verse should pertain to the nth tribe of Israel and not Gentiles, shouldn't it? So, why would you use that verse on me?

Why Was David Dancing
Overall David is considered primarily a King and he was an archetype of Jesus. David was not a prophet as were the other prophets in the OT.

However, let's for all intensive purposes call David a prophet. The point is that a biblical term, person, image should not be for our own vain purpose...prophetic dancing in church.

Thanks for sharpening my sword, Trav.

Seven Spirits Of God

I was just tryin' to be silly, but I keep forgetting to add LOLs and :~)s. It was really an Amen to your response.

Of course, we should study. i just noticed certain tagged verses from certain groups, and this verse is one of them.

Demon Talking To My Husband
Carla, you sing the song that never ends. i was offering it as a possible suggestion because it was happening when they went to bed. If you say that I judged you, so be it.

In your one words, "salome!"

Blood Of Jesus Christ
Donna, Amen!

I never looked at it from God's perspective. I guess the cover is good for the coverer as well as the coveree.

Demon Talking To My Husband every successful exorcism performed in the NT, the demon(s) left within an hour. There were two unsuccessful exorcism attempts: the Apostles (for their lack of faith) and the seven sons of Sceva (for their cluelessness). If you had years of experience at your house, then why did it takes weeks at your sisters house? Was it for lack of faith or cluelessness?

The site that I suggested named it that way because there are many people in this world who do not believe in the supernatural. These people would not frequent a site called demonbusters, but they might frequent the one that I named. They both have the same goal, but a different target audience.

Explain Galations 2:7
Trav, good point. Jesus sternly pointed out that there are Jews who are not Jews, and he did not like it.
How does this pertain to us today? ---aka_joseph on 4/23/10

---Trav on 4/27/10

With history, you should know this statement was when I did not know what Trav's agenda was. I still stand by my statement, but not Trav's view of the Gospel.

Demon Talking To My Husband

That is precisely the point. You judge(d)me before you knew what the site was. It is all about demons and one way the can attack at sleep time and not a sleep condition. However, you did not simply check, you jumped on me and then told us all of YOUR experience. That was exactly what you had jumped on alan's case for.

Now, as far as your experience goes...

Seven Spirits Of God

Please try to hear what I have already said. I was having a discussion about Isaiah 11:2 with two others. I was trying to get something clarified. As far as the question regarding Rev, I did not address this. I am still studying it.

However, you singled me out, and I did not refute anyone about what they said about Rev.

So, please control your venom against me especially in the light that two others talked about the Isaiah scripture and you did not say a single thing to them. Do you have something else that is bothering you about me in particular?

Blood Of Jesus Christ
//How Jesus' Blood rushed up me.//

The Blood is not about transfusion either. Spiritual cover and soap yes.


How Should Obama Use Security
\\to continue to fulfill biblical prophecy.
---aka_joseph on 5/11/10\\

You actually think that Obama has ANY spiritual or prophetic significance at all?
---Cluny on 5/12/10

Yes...he is another puppet to deliver us to the Antichrist.

If he and the other kings (presidents) and princes (all other politicians) and other rulers of the darkness of this world can convince so many, just think what the Antichrist will do with our stupidity and propensity for evil.

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Seven Spirits Of God
earl 2/2 //To firmly answer what are the seven spirits one will have to discover a source of information where they are listed and defined. Without this discovery all is assumption and speculation.//

this is so ironic considering I got my list straight from one verse in the bible. you agree with maybe 4. so, tell us what source are you 'discovering' with?

Go Back To Abusive Husband

I am sorry that you had to endure any kind of abuse. Nobody except those that have been abused know how horrific it is. Please find a program like Celebrate Recovery or some other Christian based recovery group for abuse victims.

Even if anybody here that responds to you is qualified to help you heal your wounds, the format here is not a good one for your purposes. This is mostly a format that will sharpen your skills at spiritual combat and not help healing deep wounds.

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