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Doctrine Of The Trinity
In the beginning three beings that makes up one deity created the heaven and the earth.

call that i am polytheist, and I will say, does not bother me.

God Gave You Power
Grace is sufficient for me.

What Is A Christian

yes, Jesus knew and reiterated what was in the beginning. But, then he said, [paraphrase]"You did/all that? Good. Now, sell all your things, give to the po', and there your treasure will be in Heaven. Then, come follow me.

Jesus did not say to believe in the commandments. He said to keep the commandments. Since that is impossible, as much we try to keep the commandments, we must be in Him. Jesus was also in the beginning.

BP Oil Spill In Revelation
I like to listen to God, and despite the fact that you won't be quiet or say anything of value, I can hear him anyway.

Living In Self Deception
See tom2 on 6/13/10

-- the "many": 'We did these things in Your name'

-- the thief on the cross: Remember me!

Who were the 'many' focusing on? Who was the thief focusing on?

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