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How To Stop Sinning
Regarding sinning repeatedly, Paul says in Romans 7:18 what does not work. Paul says, I will not to sin, but I sin anyway. He is saying our willpower or promise not to sin is futile. We must refuse resisting sin by our own struggles. When temptations come, we should pray, Lord Jesus I know I cannot resist this temptation, so I refuse to try. I depend on you to overcome it in me. Thank you Jesus. Amen. See Gal 2:20 also. His victory is effortless. We do not need to struggle or add an ounce of strength. We must not look to our own determination, which we we have found repeatedly to fail, but to Christ's strength in us. Willpower is of the flesh. Do not use it! Read "Not I but Christ", by Watchman Nee on Deliverance.

What Is The Age Of The Earth
Rosalie ... please clarify yuor maths.

Flood 4990 BC plus 2010 since equals 7000 years since the flood.

Then add 7000 years for the Creation .... that takes us to 14000 (or 14001)

And then there are the years between Creation & the Flood.

How do you get your 13021?

Make Disciples Not Churchgoers
Steveng .. "It's the case everywhere. We are living in a time when truth is relative"

Well, Steveng ... the "truth" is certainly not relative, but very fixed as far as yuo are concerned.

Have you travelled the world? Have you been to my corner?

Yet you condemn churches everywhere for the faults you have observed in some.

Drinking Alcohol Moderately
Alcohol is a hurdle for some and we should be careful here as we do not wish to be a hindrance to young believers.

Alcohol in a measured form is not bad, but unfortunately we are still human and prone to excess and to make excuses for what we would deem, in our own eyes as a little drink.

If an individual is mature and strong in themselves, which few are, wine will not be a mocker and strong drink should not be raging (Prov.20.1) Let us not forget how strong Noah was and yet he became drunk and was chastened of God and shamed himself.

How To Lose Your Salvation
Salvation is the gift of God and as a gift that one has not earned you cannot lose it. If you cannot obtain salvation in the first place how on earth are you able to lose it.

If we are chosen in Christ, before the foundation of the world, and if there is a seed of satan and a seed of David, there are two types of persons in this world.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
If a person is a true regenerate and not just a nominal christian, they cannot accept anything esle than what God demands, and He demands the death penalty or rape and murder.

If persons who claim to be christians are against the death penalty then they are siding with the enemies of God and are in the wrong camp.

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
Sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from an eating disorder. Unfortunately treatment must be sort as well as prayer. I cannot see how this should cost so much as there are charitable societies out there dealing with such matters.

Pray, also, that God might have mercy upon your daughter and turn her to Himself.

Lord prosper for good.

Should Women Have Long Hair
1 Corinthians 11:5-15

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
the Church of Christ is just one thing short from being a cult. the one thing i know from all of the Church of Christ people is the overwelming ease at which they tell all others that they are hell bound. so they see themselves at the only true Christain.. they come from a movement in the 1800 mainly lead by a man named campell. coc is about judgement, hate and most all members are brain washed. find a loving church. the united church of christ is a completly diffrent church

Are Christian Science A Cult
CS does not accept orthodox Christian teachings such as salvation by grace through Christ or the Trinity. It is a strange mixture of nihilism and Mesmerism, or mind-control as practiced in the 19th century. It is cult-like because there is a near deification of Mary Baker Eddy and strong pressures on the members to shun medical care - resulting in the deaths of many people - including children. I know - I used to be one.

Should Women Have Long Hair
1 Corinthians 11:5-15

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
Dear friend, we at Witness Inc. recommend that you read A Problem of Communication. We believe that the problem with a Jehovah's Witness is that they have placed themselves under the authority of the Watchtower and see everything through the lense of the Society's books and magazines. They do not truly believe the Bible first as they say. We recommend a book called a Problem of Communication and one called from Kingdom Hall to Kingdom Come.

Are Mormons Christians
I've known many Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in my life, and have studied their doctrine, whichI would suggest you do. Most commentson this subject, are sofar from the precious truth you profess, I'm embarrased for you. In the Bible did Jesus belittled the beliefs of another. Why do you?
Generally believersin Budda are Buddist. Believersin Muhammed are Muslim. Believers in Jesus are Christian, right? If you used a little christian mercy/charity/love you might consider Mormons to be Christian too.

Who Can Be Saved
to Mima : who will be saved?
God loves us all and the Jesus died for all men right? Approximately 55 billion people have lived onthisearth. howmany ofthem willbe saved? What about those who never heard of Christ or had the opportunity to be saved? Can they be saved too, Do you know which one?

What Are Our Rights As Christians
# 9 Now she did not give up ... her body just wasted away because it was impossible to eat or keep fluid down. Why did she die? Because she did not have faith that God would heal this physical malignity that was strangling her bowel and attacking other organs? Or because at that time there was no medical way to stop that cancer?

What Are Our Rights As Christians
# 7 She was in greater and greater pain, but never once complained. She smiled and joked on her last conscious day. She said when we arrived in heaven later, we would all have a great party. When asked if she was afraid, she said no, because she knew where she was going.

What Are Our Rights As Christians
# 3 Did all the sailors in past centuries who drowned when their sailing vessels sank die because they had no faith or because they did not then have the benefit of safer vessels?

Why Are There Rev Titles
# 4 But to put Rev Chris's mind at rest, this is not a conviction, and I would not want to wage an argument about it.

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