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Making Sign Of The Cross
Mima ... Is encouraging people to gamble on winning a car if they attend your mission meetings biblical?

God Created Heaven & Earth
What was God doing during that never-beginning Eternity before 6000 years ago when He started Creation?

Was He planning it all?

Hinduism vs Christianity
You ask why Christians want others to become Christians.

It's because we beleive that it is through Jesus that we will have everlasting Life with God.

We beleive that without accepting Jesus as our Saviour, we can'r have that Life with God.

So, because we want everyone yo have the eternal joy of that Life, that we have to tell others about it. We do it for their sake, not foe our own. We are not seeking to extend our power or influence, we just want others to have that Life.

Most Dangerous Preacher
Cluny ... "If you're wondering if Benedict XVI has ever taught that the Virgin Mary was nearly equal with God, he has not"

I never though he had.

But if you read the last line of your post of 10/28, you will see that you said he had taught that .... what was printed was "Benedict XVI has ever taught that"

I think an "n" was missing!

Benny Hinn Barred From UK
Mima ... Do you mean "Here are a people who ruled the world for 1500 years" ?

You don't know much about world history!

The UK did not even exist until about 400 years ago.

We have had some "golden periods" of high levels of international control and limited empire, but have never "ruled the world".

It is indeed sad that the man in the UK street does not know the Bible, but that is typical of the whole of Europe (and probably the USA if the truth were known?)

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