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Anti-Christ Is Coming
MarkV ... You say you "have trouble" with me, as well as with others.

I try to be as clear as possible, but as well as misunderstanding what I (and others) say, you appear then to be unable to accept our corrections.

Thus I said to you on another blog: "I never said that" to 3 things that you claimed I had said, and "where did I say that?" for 2 other alleged statements.

But you did not acknowledge that I hadn't said those things, and even went on with further misquotations.

I hope you are able to take this on board ... when we say something, we mean what we say, and not something else!

Divorce, Separate Or Lie
Kenny ... You will have to make your choice. If you do not you will have no peace or rest in your heart, and your life will be in chaos.

If you choose your mistress, you will be betraying both your wife, your children and yourself, because you will be turning your marriage promises into lies.

If you choose your wife, you will hurt your mistress, but you will allow her once more to be honest, and you yourself will be honest, and not the liar you are at present

Wearing Pants To Church
Bettyw ... Do you really think that God lives in the church building?

Don't you meet Him every day?

Is He not with you when you are shovelling the snow or slopping out the pigs?

Are you with Him only an hour or two a week?

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