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Boyfriend Is A Muslim
Maybe he can be a muslim, and not a believer, but he cannot be a Christian and not a believer.

Minister Wants A Non-Christian
If your love grows into something more, and you marry, how will you deal with knowing that the one you love will not be in heaven? Don't go any further along the road.

Only Non-Christians Want Me
Don't be tempted! If you married a non-Christian, how would you cope with knowing that the man you love is not going to heaven?

Minister Wants A Non-Christian
Mima ... your comment makes an impertinent assumption.

What Is The Uniterian Church
So Alice by being a Christian and in the UU, you are in danger, like Freemasons, of allowing something else (the UU principle) become more important than your Christian faith.
You may of course treat your UU membership in the same way as other Christians may regard their membership of a model railway club, and therefore no threat to your Christian faith, but I don't think the UU leadership would approve that

Can Women Be Bishops
Mima ... #2 So literally that verse debars single men and widowers. You will no doubt say that the verse has to be interpreted to allow them (after all, Paul himself was unmarried) But if you are allowed to bend the literal meaning in that way, you have also to allow the bending of the meaning to "persons (male or female) with no more than one spouse" It is therefore unsafe to rely on that passage alone, and there are others which are clearer on the restrictions placed on women.

Can Women Be Bishops
Mima ... #1 there are many male bishops who are not husband of one wife, so neither do they fit the requirements of that passage, if you take it literally. Consider the single unmarried man, the widowed. They have no wife. The remarried widower could be said to be the husband of two wives (the departed one, and the new one)

Who Has A Household Pet
nvB, also she is not allowed out for 10 days, so I have to hope she will suddenly learn about a litter tray.
The most unfunny thing is that when they got inside her, they poked aound and found she had alrady been spayed, so it was all unnecessary anyway.

Who Has A Household Pet
Well, nvB, things are not so funny at the moment. She had her op today and came home tonight with a conical hard collar enclosing her head, to stop her biting the stitches. It terrifies her, and she just hides in a corner and runs away if I try to approach her. It bangs agains t corners as she runs round them which frightens her still more. The collar has to stay on 10 days. I have to take her back for a check tomorrow, but do not know how I will catch her.

Are Catholics Christians
A Catholic ... I think what you are trying to say is that "born-again Christian" is tautology ... saying the same thing twice. There are not two classes of Christian, there is no need to say you are born again, because every Christian is born again. If someone says he is a B-A Christian, it seems to imply that other Christians who do not claim this description, are second-class.
The difference is really between real Christians and nominal Christians.

What Is The Uniterian Church
Alice and others: I have refreshed my mind about this by looking at a Universal Unitarian web site and find the following in their statement of belief "Unitarians do not see the crucifixion as a blood sacrifice for sin"
It is also clear from the site that whilst Christians may belong to the UU, UU itself is not Christian. In a nutshell, the site shows that UU says it does not really matter what you believe, as long as you are making your own spiritual journey.

Are You Saved And Why
aPierre ... you are just playing with words, or perhaps trying to provoke a discussion!! These guys clearly mean that it was on that day (it was some time in 1955 for me) when we became aware of the reality of Jesus's sacrifice, and our acceptance of the gift given by that act of love.
Don't know why you raise the subject of baptism, that issue has been discussed over & over already

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