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Can I Be A Fairy Godmother
Yes Bruce I am a member of the Church of England, but baptrism or dedication of a child is carried out by many denominations here, and at these services the parents promise to bring their child towards Christ. There are also those special friends who promise the same... call them godparents or whatever. I am surprised that there are so many here who say that is wrong.

Can I Be A Fairy Godmother
Mod ... I realise that you made an error on account of what you were watching! However my first comment here, hoping you were not mocking the idea of godparents, shows that I was near to being offended by the title given to the question. Some readers think that the title of the question is provided by the questioner, and occasionally, the title you give changes the question, and consequently people then answer the question in the title and not the one that was actually asked.

Moderator - I was just be silly. Please nobody take offense. Please refer to Barbara's comment below.

Should Christians Smoke
Thank you Bruce ... your previous 4-parter had got me worried! Daphne ... thank you for putting us right back to the question, which we had wandered from. I agree with you that a Christian should not smoke ... but not because it is a sin. It is not a theological thing. No-one should smoke, Christian or non-christian, because it is harmful.
But like burgers, it is not a sin thing.

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