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People Are Leaving My Church
Do you know why they have left?

God's Wonderful Plan For You
Leslie ... I agree with you. Neither Jesus nor the Apostles said that we would have an easy life.
We will have frustration, battles, illness, pain, disappointment, we will be betrayed by others, and we will face anguish in our hearts.
Beneath it all though, we have the joy of the ultimate promise made by Jesus.

Why Was Adam Held Accountable
Pharisee ... God did not buy the house with the dark cellar for use as a torture chamber. He actually built it!

Christian Child At Birth
Nothing at all

A Man Performing Miracles
If it truly was a miracle, yes.

Is Global Warming Bad
Parts of the world are already being destroyed by the very real global warming.
What is causing it is perhaps more debateable, but it is happening

Idea Definitely Not My Own
Mima ... Remember that words mean different things to different people.
& Who can say how the Holy Spirit works for different people, since we are all different and with different thought processes

Christmas As A Feast Day
When you become "saved" or whatever buzz-word you use for becoming a follower of Christ, you replace your old moral values (which may be very respectable ... most humanists are very moral people) with new morals based on Christ's teachings.
Are those new morals suspect because they are similar to the humanistic ones?
Why is the celebration of Christmas so condemned in some Christian circles?

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
Elder ... # 1 You are a clever guy.
You have said elsewhere that you say exactly what you mean, but you know you don't ... it's not quite that simple.
Sometimes you clearly don't say it all ... you leave some unsaid so that people will think about what you said and what it might mean. That's great, because it does make people think.

Communion Only At Passover
Cliff ... I refuse to argue with you about whether the whole Bible should be regarded as inspired.
I get into enough trouble saying some of it could be interpreted in a non-literal way See what has been hurled at me when I question the 164 hour Creation! Or that Jesus may not have physically seen the WHOLE WORLD when being tempted.

Who Were The First Christians
Sorry Elder ... I have missed that in my reading of Genesis.
can you point to the passage?

Catholic Churches And Pope
Emcee ... I don't see the possibility of an Anglican/RCC reunion.
Anglicans see too much wrong (in their eyes) with RCC doctrine and practice and teaching. Not evil, as some would say, but misguided and/or unnecessary.
However, although these things which separate us are serious issues, they should not be so great as to prevent us calling each other "brother Christians"

Fly Jews To Israel
Which Jews, and why, and what for?

Mohandas Gandhi Said
Madison and Rebecca ... how right you are
I think that if Christians had been like Christ, Gandhi would have becme a Christian.

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
George No I for one have to admit that I have not read the whole Bible & if I had my memory is such that I would not remember every word. Do you
But it would help me if you could tell me where the Bible defines what modest clothing is.

Communion Only At Passover
Cliff ... Like you, I was asking Elder about his suggestion that Luke was at the Last Supper.
There are so many others here who will argue that Luke's gospel, as part of scripture, is "inspired" and therefore wholly true, that it does not need me to join in on that issue!

What Is Christian Dating
Kelly ... It sounds very much as if he has lost interest in you.
Bless you

Worship In Spirit And Truth
Cal ... # 1 I found the following among your earlier posts. I have highlighted some corrections to your spelling errors
"Salvation is not our work,it is GOD'S, none of us choose GOD,but he chose you.

Worship In Spirit And Truth
Cal ... # 2 What JESUS did on the cross is amazing, if any one thinks that he can lose his salvation,then what he is saying is that JESUS' death on the cross was all for nothing. We all fall short of the glory. If you say you don't sin you deceive yourself and the truth is not in you...we are all guilty..That's why JESUS' blood is so precious

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