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Tim Tebow Representing Christians
Mark says of Kathr "Always making things up that you say others believe or that others said"

Pot calling kettle black, Mark!!

Life Only On Planet Earth
An interesting point!
If the wholes universe is as we are told by the scientists ... millions of galaxies, each with millions of stars ...

... was the whole of this huge universe infected because of Adam & Eve's sin?

Keeps Telling Her To Leave
He has no right to tell her to leave.
If he wants out of the marriage, it is he who should leave the matrimonial home.

Ashes On The Forehead
Elder ... Yes I do on this blog have another agenda! It is to defend my right to put fact into the discussion (in this case that ashes are not exclusively Roman C.)
I would also just observe that this was in response to what had already become an attack on the RCC ... and that the original question did not warrant this.

Ashes On The Forehead
Elder ... I was referring to my initial comment that Ashes were not only a RCC tradition, and your response to that.
In my words that you quote ... please note the word "may" It is not for you to say that things which some people find helpful are wrong, just because scripture does not command them. Has anyone condemned you for any of your practices which are not particularly commanded in scripture?

Husband Has Drinking Problem
Helen ... on one of my mountain walks, I slipped down a steep slope towards a high cliff. Somehow, God allowed my slide to go past some bush roots. I grabbed hold of those. God gave me the strength to hold on until the mountain rescus tean arrived and took me back to safety. The leader of that tean was not a Christian.
Should I have ignored the roots and the teams help?

Husband Has Drinking Problem
Helen ... What you say is not illogical
Why should the fact that God helps negate the value of other assistance that He guides us to?

Communion In My House
Steveng .."What did Jesus REALLY mean in John6:53-54?"
Well, what did He mean?
Please tell is!

Ashes On The Forehead
Sorry Eldere, not to have spotted this.
The question was about ashes, and so you make a comment which was nothing to do with ashes.
Are you not one of those who deprecate people people who don't keep to the subject of the question?
So I thought you were referring to the subject matter.

Ashes On The Forehead
Elder ... You have elsewhere accused me of reading too much into what you say.
But now you say to me "You came along and tried to validate the practice when it wasn't the issue"
Did I try to validate the practice? Please read what I said...I said nothing to valiudate the practice.
I just pointed out it was not exclusively a Catholic practice.

Why Did God Create Man
Tonne "He created man to bring God glory, but it did not go God's way"
So God is not all-powerful?

Soulwinning By Roman Catholics
Rebecca ... As one non-Catholic to another, I would like to thank you for standing up and being counted.
Yes we all belive and practice slightly differently to each other, and sometimes significantly differently.
If those other beleifs practices lead to God, who are we to condemn them?

What Is a Heretic
Surely it is plain that a heretic is anyone who does not believe and practice in exactly the same way as I do?

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