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Violated My Marriage Vows
"Forgiveness is only possible by grace through faith in Jesus' death and resurrection"

Precisely what Catholics beleive in.

Is Xmas A Pagan Holiday
David ... "Yet ignorant Christians celebrate these Pagan Holy days! Blindly thinking they are Christian Holy Days"

Oh dear John, how you are deluded. Christians do not celebrate these Pagan Holy Days. It is you who give them their capital P H & D!

Can A Woman Be A Bishop
Adrienne ... note Paul said "I" He did not say "God"

Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong
Donna ...
The Bible does not condemn the eating of fish
Nor of meat
nor of tomatoes,
nor of carrots
nor the drinking of water
nor of Coca Cola
nor of grapefruit juice

Excessive consumption of any of those could kill you. But you don't condemn these foods and drinks.

The Bible does not condemn the drinking of alcohol.

So why do you condemn it?

Rub A Cross On The Forehead
Rhonda ... Of course, I should have realised,

Jesus was following PAGAN PRACTICES when He went into the wilderness for 40 days

What's Up March 2009
Sunday night ... still no third generation!!

What's Up March 2009
Trish ... Yes I will et you know ,,,, no new yet!

Praying for Isabel

My mother's name was Isobel

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
There are serious aspects to this issue ... what I think are sometimes unjust condemnation of people in different cultures. For example, consider the forcing by early missionaries of dress codes suitable for temperate climes onto natives of tropical areas.

But there is room for amusement (and improvement in knoweledge and understanding of others) in looking at the differences between countries' word useage (and spellings!) ... "po" in UK useage would refer to "pot"

When Did Dinosaurs Die Out
Frances ... I think you are being maybe a bit too sensitive. Warwick usually gets your name right, and a slip of the finger is so easy, and the mistake so difficult to spot as you scan you post over before sending it..

And spellcheck would not spot it, because Francis is a name, albeit male.

I suffer too ... I was recently sddressed here as Allen.

I think we just have to accept it ... I think the time to get upset is when, as happens too often, one's name is deliberately and offensively misspelt.

Will We Know People In Heaven
JohnnyB .... I have often thought that ... and have not really had an answer!!

Obama's Marijuana Possession
But Frances, thsoe You-tubers don't make any comment at all about what the authorites say. They don't even say that they asked and were not given and answer.

That does seem odd

Is There Eternal Security
Kathr "Nana, where does it say in the beginning of Matthew or Romans 1 that anyone was saved by Grace. Jesus had not gone to the cross YET"

Really ... I always thought the Romans was written by Paul, who certainly did not follw Christ during His lifetime.

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
Rob "I don't claim, I do have the Holy Spirit" does not mean the same as "I dont claim I do have the Holy Spirit"

Look as the punctuation!

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
MIC ... Still no response?

I just saw on another blog reference to "The non-biblical tradition that the New Covenant makes void the Ten Commandment Law of God"

I wonder whether this is what you are talking about?

If so, you have been misled.

This view is held by very few Christians

AntiChrist Will Save Israel

My dictionary defines the word eschatology as meaning "Doctrine of death, judgment heaven and hell"

Do you really think all prophecies about that had been fulfilled by 70 AD?

What about those in Revelation, which was written about 95 AD?

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