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Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
Dawn ... an abuser has no right to command his victim to keep quiet and not seek help.

I remember one of my flatmates stole from the other, who warned me about it. The thief found out I had been warned, and got quite violent,m telling his first victim "I told you not to tell Alan!"

I'm sure you will say who was in the right there... apply the same to your own situatiuon. Protect yourself!! & seek help.

Fossil Of Man In Washington
When I was at school, we had teachers who were ALREADY old fossils. Some forty years later, we read of their retirement!

Fake KJV Bibles Coming Out
Carol, since we have not seen any of these, can you please say how those passages have been changed.

Grace And Works For Heaven
Bruce ... I was going to say the same as you, but then noticed that the question used the word "Grace" which is not the same as faith. I wonder whether this is intended to become yet another predestination discussion?

Infants Take Holy Communion
Communion is celebrated in churches which do not have the formality of baptism. My own Anglican church says that anyone who has accepted Jesus can partake, and I like that. But I am concerned at the policy of a nearby (Methodist) church which allows all chidren to partake, on the basis that they should not be excluded.

Can I Commit Adultery
Nancy ... You have made a promise to love and cherish your husband. Do you really think God would tell yuo to break your promise? The thing is to work at your marriage, and pray.

Unspeakable Groanings
No ... I have never heard the Holy Spirit make any noises at all. I had always considered this verse was a bit metsphorical, meaning that the HS was interceding passionately on our behalf. But that is interceding with God,and I would not expect to be able to hear waht the HS was saying to God anyway

Prayer Did Not Help Him
Moderator ... We should be prepared for the "No" amswer, because our prayer should always be, as Christ's was "Nevertheless, Thy will be done"
I have had the "No" answer, and am pleased to report that it is not just "No", but "No, and I will give you the grace/courage/whatever is needed to enable you to bear the burden/diaappointment/whatever"

Why Denominations
Marya ... Welcome to the club.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
slcGuy ... Why are you here?
Are you trying to correct errors in our Christian doctrine(s)?
Are you trying to debunk the Christian faith? Or the whole idea of religion? Or religious experience?
What do you believe?
Are you a Christain?
Again why are you here?

Why Don't I Speak In Tougues
Eloy ... the fact that Pontius can also be translated as Pontiff does not mean he was the first Pope. Judas betrayed Jesus, and there was another disciple named Judas... does that make them the same person, or make the second Judas a traitor? There have been thousands of Germans named Adolf, both before and after Hitler ... do you blame them for his misdeeds?

City North Of Jerusalem
My first thought was Moscow, but on checking my atlas, it lies well to the east of the line. Tarsus lies closer to the line, but it is not really a major city>

Wedlock Kid Is An Investment
Crystal ... children ... "someone to feed and care for their parents in old age"
Mostly they don't unless yuo do not expect them to do so.
Can you imagine their resentment if they realise that is why you had them?
But, we do not know where you live. In most Western countries, single women are not scoffed at. Tell us more about yourself

Are Faith And FactsThe Same
It is a fact that I believe that it is important to know the difference between fact statement and faith statements. But only I know that it is a fact ... there is no proof for the rest of you that I believe it ... you would have to have faith that I am telling the truth.
But maybe it is not important ...

Long Distance Love
You love him? What makes you think that? Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

When Did Pentecost Begin
It depends on what you mean by the Pentecostal Church. If you go by their own web site, thet seem to say the movement stated in the early 1900s. Moderator, what were the characteristics of the very early P church you referred to? Was it similar to the present days one?

Moderator - The 9 Spiritual Gifts especially speaking in tongues are the most common association with the Pentecostal Church. However, many of the Pentecostal Churches today as well as most churches are in a full blown apostate condition. Typical false doctrines include the prosperity gospel, seeker friendly movement and the ecumenical movement.

Is Suicide Wrong
Jenna ... go on praying & talking to God about this, and also listening to him.
But friends can help as well. Don't be afraid to tell them.

Eternal Security For Christians
Thanks, emg ... that is not in my dictionary either! I must get a larger one!
But the definition seems to take us further away from the original, as it enables us to "explain" the text on the basis of our own pre-existing ideas and beliefs.
Lupe and & me on predestination & free-will seem to be good examples of how different folk can exegese and find different meanings.

Are Christian Science A Cult
I see that their web-site says Mrs Ebby founded a "new religion" They also say they are Protestant christian religion. The use of the word religion seems to me that they do feel they are a new religion based perhaps on Christianity, but improved by Mrs Eddy ... all the hallmarks of a cult, although I do not think they have the other tell-tale signs of disfellowshiping or personality cult of the leader

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