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Ashes On The Forehead
I'm not Jack, although I don't know why anyone here won't listen to what he is saying.

Does anyone sing songs in church. Are ALL those songs directly from the bible. If not, does that make them un-christian? Do you put your hands together when you pray? Do you ever look up? Do you close your eyes? Whether ashes or song, standing or kneeling, its all taking time and effort to pray to the Lord. How could that be bad?

Dress Anyway To Church Today
By saying that it matters to you what others where in church, you are acting unlike Jesus would. Did he expect his followers, in his day, to dress their best to see him, no. Don't worry about what everyone is wearing, its so besides the point. What you feel is appropriate may not be the same for everyone. That's perfectly ok, but don't judge them for it. What's the point.

Pastors In Expensive Homes
Stop all the quoting, and simply look at the life of Jesus. Did he accumulate wealth? Was that important to him? If he had accumulated weatlth, what do you think he would have spent it on...himself or others in need.

I don't think pastors should live in mansions, I don't think that is was Jesus had in mind for those following in his footsteps.

Catholic Church And Hitler
WHAT!?!?! Now the the Catholics are Nazi's?

Please remember that Jesus spoke out against self-righteousness. The overall angst toward the RCC on ChristiaNet is so unlike Jesus. Catholics are Christians. Some are stronger than others, just as with all people.

I new to this site, but I do hope the tone will change.

Remember the true meaninga and message of Jesus, and his truths on how to live.

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
its only not appropriate if you feel bothered by it, and then it is you who has the issue, not someone in a bikini - you need to get over it, not her

find what's true in yourself

Are Catholics Christians
Why don't you ask a Catholic? That would be a much better way to find out. It seems like a lot of people here dislike or at least disapprove of Catholics' beliefs. What gives...they are essentially the ancestors of the vast majority of modern day Christians after all.

try to understand the truth inside yourself, and the true message of Jesus

Culture Causing Demon Possession
Actually, when a christian judges ANYONE, christian or not, it's out of line. Don't forget, Jesus was someone who loved, and his message to us was one of loving our fellow man. Let's remember that when we see things we don't fully understand or appreciate.

Catholic, Protestant Or Christian
catholic, protestant OR christian? that's a joke right? are you actually suggesting that catholics and protestants are NOT christian? what about left handed christians, or vermont christians, or midget christians...are they REAL you understand the message of the jesus?

Ashes On The Forehead this is to all the RCC bashers here:

which christians are you...are you the REAL christians...god has told you they are not i that it? wow...that's something...

Must Believe In The Trinity
The bible has been translated and edited by man, and each and every man comes to it with his/her own mindset. We are but human, and our humanity affects how we interpret the bible. No one should think they are above that. No one is truely capable of using to judge others.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
The real deal? He's human. He believe in Jesus. He seems to try to impart a level of morality to those in the RCC. Seems pretty real. The question seems to be trying to make a judgement on him. Why? Are you real?

Pastors In Expensive Homes
Wouldn't the world be a great place if we all helped one another. If rich gave to poor, if poor gave their hope to the hopeless, if the hopeless could temper the arrogant.

Do I Need A Bible
words will always be interpreted

the true spirit cannot be interpreted

Prayer Used With A Bible
"love, love, love" - you say that like its "blah, blah, blah"...

words can be interpreted

the true spirit cannot be interpreted

Dress Anyway To Church Today
jesus wore sandles, his apostles wore what they had...they didn't try to impress with their not about clothes...worship in what you are comfortable worshiping in...don't judge others, and don't allow others to affect your

Is Unconfessed Sin Forgiven
Mrs Morgan, you quote a lot of scripture and take it all literally as far as I can see. So, how then I must conclud that I should forgive my brother 490 times, but on the 491st, I do not. Matthew 18:21 - Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times: but until seventy times seven.

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