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Jehovah Witness Bible Differences
This is interesting,,,,,,,,,,,,,

that a question is asked by some one, and answered by many,

then,, many doing the answering start debating amongst each other,,,

is this a debate ?
or is it a question / answer forum ?

and why attack each other for the different belief's ??

is this '' christian '' behaviour the right way ??

New Christian Wants A Divorce
check the scriptures and pray, if i remember correctly, there are scriptures for this situation, and goes something like this , the unsaved husband may leave the saved wife, but the saved wife should stay with the unsaved husband in order that he may be saved by the witness shown forth in the wife's life / her testimony, also God hates divorce, although it may be forgiven like all sins except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, but pray long and hard & read the bible, study to show yourself approved by God, for God is our judge in all things we do and say, i dont know how young the kids are, but when you read the bible and pray, have them with you, so they see and witness that you want to live for God, (a tip from personal experience)

Lunch With Jehovah Witness
hi, i've read the responses and many have many ideas about what to do, but obviously its up to you and what you feel that God wants you to do, it would be good for you to research them go to their site (be prepared) and see what kind of stuff they really teach, and the majority of them do not do christmas / easter etc... the ones who do must do so in secret or they'd be disfellowshipped. i used to study with them and many things i like about them but many i dont, decide for yourself what God would have you do. :)

Renounce Jesus For Your Life
mima, you can't build a doctrine on just one verse, you must look at all verses concerned in order to find the truth. Read the scriptures in context, and not henpeck at them to pick the ones that you like.

Celebrate The Easter Bunny
Absolutely Not! Its totally pagan in origin. If you do some research into the origins of so called christian holidays you will find paganism tightly wrapped up into all of them.

Ask yourself if you want to please yourself OR God ??

Renounce Jesus For Your Life
hi all, i believe Bill is right, no matter when the rapture or resurrection is, we need to be ready while we have time, that is while we yet live, because once we die, that's it, no second chances.
Also in 1 thessalonians when it speaks of this happening it says at the LAST trumpet sound, which most people tend to ignore, its not at the beginning, its the last / end of things.

Renounce Jesus For Your Life
oops i said 1thessalonians-4: about the last trumpet but i didn't look it up till i thought about it, its 1Corinthians-15:52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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