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What Cliques In Church Wrong
I attend a small church. 5 families and sometimes one visiting family. 3 out of 5 are very cliquish. It is the pastors family and their best friends (who used to be a pastor) and their extended family. I used to live in between them about a block (or less)from each sandwiched in between these two pastor families. The mothers and their children would walk past my house almost every day for about 3 years to visit each other until we moved to the other side of town. My children who are their childrens ages would look out the window longingly and ask, "Why don't they visit us?" Not once did they stop and visit just to be friendly. We did some, but it was not reciprocated. I want to leave. Is this wrong?

Wets His Pants During Spanking
I must say, it is hardly Christian to hit/beat/smack or abuse any human being much less a child. Have you all lost sight of Jesus and what he taught. No where will you see teachings by Jesus that say to hit anyone. You should be ashamed of yourselfs and your church teachings

Are Crosses Biblical
While some people wear crosses for that reason,some don't. Some people like me wear crosses not as a symbol of Jesus,but as a symbol of love,respect,thankfulness of what Jesus did for us by going to the cross and dying for us on the cross. But He didn't stay on the cross,He rose up again on the Third day. I wear the cross as a reminder of what He did for me,and if He hadn't done what He did,i would be going to hell when i die. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior into my heart,and i know one day i will be going to heaven. That is what Jesus did for me. So i look at the cross as a reminder of He done for me so i could be with him in heaven one day. I don't look at it as a symbol of Jesus,or worship it like a idol either.

Loving A Married Man Wrong
Yes it is wrong. He is still married. And for all you know he could just be telling you that. You shouldn't even been dating or involved with a married man. If he leaves his wife for you,then what if he turns around and does you the same way he did her.If anything you should be praying for him to realize what he is doing is wrong,not continue a relationship with you,and work on getting his marriage right and making his marriage work. And you should be praying for God to send you someone that isn't already married,get your own life right with God. And stop dating married men,cause if you don't,you are just breaking up marriages and familys.How you would feel if you were in those men's wives shoes and their kids shoes?

Wife To Be From Satan
How do you know for sure that it was God telling who to marry in your dream and not just a dream? First of all, i would say is to pray and seek God on this. I would say pray and ask God what his will is for you and this girl. In my own situation,i prayed and asked God to send me the right one in his time,not my time if it was in his will. I prayed to be sure it was His will for us to be together,to date,and to be sure he was the one God wanted me to marry.God gave me peace about it,and i can't describe in any specific words or anything specific on how i knew,other than God gave me Peace about it. I would say If you pray about it and Seek Gods will,and be sure That God gives you peace on it,then that is one way to know it is from the Lord.

Dads Into Alcoholism Adultery
I been through that growing up with my dad. My dad left us twice and came back. Give it all to God,forgive your father the things he has done.Also pray and let God help you not turn out the same way. I am engaged too,and i told my fiance after we started dating how it affected me,and how it made me not want to date anyone similar to my dad. He said he wouldn't do that to me and he never said he was afraid it would taint our relationship or controlling. We talk about things,and he knows what i went through,and trys to help me be a better person,independent and confident about myself. I would say tell your fiance that you don't plan to let that happen and that he can help you with that,along with Gods help. And for you both to pray about it too.

Why Does God Let Us Suffer
what does it mean when people say as it lineing up with the word of God give me an example please

Church Does Not Need Tithe
do what the Lord tells you to do.

Can A Priest Forgive Sins
of course not! only God alone can forgive sins, and He died for that. If a priest can forgive sins, why did God bother to die for us on calvary?

Is This Marriage Legal
our Lord said one sin is no greater than the other, divorce is a hurtful thing to all invalved,the devil orchastraited this,if your ex. has repented and his wife also Jesus said he would forgive,now however my friend ,you must forgive, God is faithful to heal the hurt . just continue loveing and praiseing Jesus . jesus said he would never leave you or forsake you.

What Is The Uniterian Church
I just wanted to clarify a few things: I am a Unitarian Universalist and I consider myself to be a Christian. I was baptised in the Baptist faith, but later converted. The problem with your questions is that everyone is implying that the UUs have set guidelines. Our only guideline is "we must not think alike to love alike." This means that our services focus on enhancing spirituality of members- not telling them how to think. Please do not make generalized assumptions about a group of people.

Too Much Christian Hypocrisy
The bible says judge not and u shall not be judged.The latest is what would jesus do.Iam sure he would still try and reach out to the hypocrates.When u stop going to church u are being self righteous and this the bible says is sin because their is no one righteous not even one.

Can Christians Work In A Bar
to my view i think a christian should not work in a bar because the bibble tells us that we should not walk in the council of weakedness and by so doing we are already entertaining evils to dwell in us.

Can I Marry A Muslim
I can speak from experience. Do not marry this muslim guy. I was in love with a muslim guy. He was what I thought everything I needed. But I asked my cousin for advice. She said even the Devil was the most beautiful and the angels left God and followed him and then they were all condemned to death. So stick to your christian bible and beleifs. You dont want Satan as a father in law my Pastor T. would say. I know its hard but wait for the blessing when you obey God.

Stay In Sin And Go To Heaven
I wan to set the record straight here is Jesus has purchased and redeems our sins with his precious blood shed on the CROSS>
God no longer imputes our sin no more. This is stated in the BIBLE.
God is full of Grace and Is Merciful. When one sins Grace abounds. God will never blot out anyone names at all. Till today He still hears our cries and to those who sought him. AMEN!!!!!!!!!

alice 19/6/05

Do You Go To Heaven At Death
The Bible says ''to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.''

Do Prayers Make A Difference
I believes it does make the difference just like God has say clearly stated in the Bible" If two or three are gathers knowing that I am in the mist of them and all things shall be done in his will" AMEN!!!

alice 9/6/05

My In-Laws Are Not Very Nice
Hi Delia, don't be despared. One thing you need to understand abt mother-in-laws in general is that they tend to feel jealous over the daughter-in-law simple reason they are afraid of losing out their son to another woman.With God grace for us, you just hv to continue to pray for God to make a way for both you & your in-laws to hv a better relationship. Keep smiling.

alice 7/6/05

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