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Was Iraq War Worth It

I was watching daily show & they reported president karzai saying 'if pakistan is attack, we will choose over US.'

All Of Bible Doesn't Apply


there are pastors who work full time & not depend on a church handout. they talk about malachi explain it goes to utlities but they don't tell you how they buy their multi million $$$ homes luxury cars & private jet. yet they will preach 'self-denial' to you. that is not faith on their part but hypocrisy & exploitation.

All Of Bible Doesn't Apply

why do you pick & choose.

i chose what
prov. says 'to develop my skills & work'
rather that give my 10% which pastors exploit malachi

I chose to use I as a person to develop relationships than what stupid pastors say that I is a SIN which produces doubt & fear.

and pastors are 'cafeteria' christians too. they would rather stick out their hand & as for 10% than work which is hypocritical.

and choosing is part of being human NOT ROBOTS.

How Should We View Money

how do we get some from god?

is it 'god's will' for franklin graham to have a salary of more than $100,000 or since he is the CEO of samaritan purse he decided to receive it?
what about benny hinn, dollar, copeland & mayer?

so is that the will of god?

does a poor person accept the 'will of god' for him to be poor? does that mean he will sit down until he dies bec. working hard & trying to alleviate his poverty is disobedience of 'god's will'.

is that what christianity teach & preach?

Problems Within Christianity

what problems? why do christians disagree if there are no problems.

Quickly Explain Christianity

my question with christianity is how can you have a relationship when christians / believers say that SELF is a sin.

Don't Love My Good Husband
read the book love dare and watch the movie fire proof

Is Darwinism Science Or Religion
God himself that formed the earth and made it, he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited
Isaiah 45:18 the word vain from an unused root meaning to lie waste, a desolation, i.e. desert, figurative a worthless thing,confusion, empty place, without form, nothing,vain,vanity,waste,wilderness. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.without form means the same as vain Gen.1 from an unused root (meaning to be empty),a vacuity, undistinguishable ruin emptiness,In Creation Something Happened between gen.1:1 and much time passed between them

Rapture After The Tribulation
steveng. good point, but lets take it one step farther. are you saying you have no trails or tribulations now. I Have plenty. the reason for the dead in christ to rise is to prepare the army of all saints to come back to earth and fight the Anti christ, the devil and his angels. after the 7 year tribulation. why wouldn't the dead in christ be included in this army.The rapture and the second coming of Jesus are not the same. they happen at 2 different times. in the rapture we are meeting him in the air. at the second coming he comes with the saints to war against the enemies. including those who have recieved the mark of the beast. hope this clears up things God Bless.

Christian Descernment
part 1 - discernment is being able to chose an answer to an issue. nobody else has to make that decision but the person himself or herself. We are not robots with a program, but given the power to choose.

Iraq War A Mistake
I never supported the war from the beginning.Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks on 911. osama, who planned the attacks, is still alive. why doesn't bush go after him & ALQUEDA? 911 was used as a political ploy to sell the war & iraq was the country chosen as PAYBACK. 1.8 trillion spent on a war that did not have anything to do with 911.

I Want A Woman President
How could you as a christian vote for anyone who backs the killing of innocent babies. She and all democrats and some republicans are for abortion. I for one could never vote for anyone whe believes in abortion.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
My only son lost hope and took his own life.
I have not doubt about his salvation or where he is. Billy Graham said when asked that it would not keep someone from heaven, but it was not God's will. No greater hurt than to lose a child. I only wish I could have told him goodbye and held him one last time. God loves us and we must always remember that. I miss my child so much.

OK To Marry Divorced Person
Only if the divorced person's spouse was unfaithful according to Matthew. In Mark, Jesus is very blunt: Anyone who marries a divorced person is committing adultery.

Miracles Happening Today
I think miracles happen today, but serve a different purpose. They are not meant to win the masses, but to touch each person individually. A mircale to me might not be as big a deal as a miracle to you.

You Get A Beer Or Me
Your husband can be delivered from alcoholic, but he has to want to be delivered from it. But because you have to submit to your husband, i dont believe saying pick me or the beer is Biblical. But prayer and fasting is a great answer. Sometimes we ask questions and already know the answers.. remember the prayer is powerful, in Jesus Name..

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