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Husband Wants Female Friend
i'm not dure that it is okay...... i also feel that he would not want female friends unless something is wrong. furthermore, some of the women he wants to reconnect with he has been intimate with. i feel it is totally inappropriate.

Am I Being Jealous
I think it is not right for her to contact him about advice, most of the time women contact women and men contact men, I'm not saying anything bad is going on, but something isn't right, men do not see things wrong like that, but women catch on fast, you should tell him to tell her to seek professional help

Marriage Was A Mistake
Unfortunately, I am in the same boat as you are. I do think there is something we are looking for and are looking in the wrong place. I left my husband 2 yrs ago, we were seperated for 10months and have been back together for a yr now. I pray a lot for God to help me love him unconditionally. It is very challenging when you do not like the person or feel any connection. I feel sure God is trying to teach us something in this situation.

Are You Hated By People
Yes I am hated as explained in John 15:18. The encouragement is that god is there. Even if you have no earthly friends God said he would be a friend to the friendless.

Worst American President
Of course not. Who said he was? He is
trying to get our world straight if everyone will give him a chance. He has only been in the office 10 months, and I believe that he has made great strides for
world peace, and is trying to get the economy going again. Being president is
not a noble job. He looks like he enjoys
it, but when does the guy sleep. Thank you. Amanda

I Want Another Baby
I feel your pain. I was pressured greatly minutes before my c-section with my second child to have my tubes tied by mym husband and doctors. I gave in and regretted it immediatly. I want more children, my husband does not. He is adamant about this. I pray for God to change one of our hearts but so far we are at a stale mate over this. My heart is actually beginning to harden against him and I harbor a lot of anger towards him. Any advice? Please email. Thanks.

Mormons Practice Poligamy
Ok Speaking as a mormon we have stopped the practice of poligamy a long time ago there are still the F-LDS which might I add is NOT morminism. The Book of Mormon is actually just what was happening in the America's During the time of the bible.

How Married To A Non-Believer
You may want to ask your Pastor what He is implying and if he is implying divorce you may want to pray regarding this.
My husband is not a christian and I am I pray often and have close friends pray for Him as well.
And I do see small changes and I know God is working in his Heart. The best thing we can do is be a role model of christianity to our husbands.

Can Females Wear Pants
Its not a matter of who wears a pants or not. Its all about the heart and soul of the person who surrender their hearts to Jesus. The Bible simply saids "Surender not your garments but your Heart" Well in my case its does not matter if you wear a pants to Church its a matter of looking special for the KIng of Kings. In fact in Jesus time men did not wear pants. They wore long cloaks. amand3549

How Was Eve Deceived
Adam was created first and therefore Eve was his helper so basically it means that Adam was the head of Eve and thus Adam the protecter. So Adam was suposed to have protected Eve. Amand3549

What Does Water Refer To
Water simply means LIFE. Therefore Jesus is the Living water which means He gives life. Amand3549

Is Angel Worship Sin
The Bible records the sins of many people. There is the original sin of Adam and Eve, The murder of Abel, David's affair with Bathsheba, and many more. These things are recorded in the word of God so that we can learn from them and so that we can be reminded that the people of the Bible had the same struggles as regular people yet God forgave them to when they asked.
The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3 that "all scripture is profitable for... instruction"

Was Jesus Rich
I just read the book The Secret, and in it the author redfers to jesus, among others, as a millionaire. Is this true? As far as I know jesus was not.

Rosie Odonnell's Interview
I can't stand Rosie but she's right. I"ve lived amongst Muslims and christians and by far Muslims have treated me (A Catholic) better while I was in the Middle East than christians anywhere ever have. Go figure. Bet you censor my answer.

Once Saved Always Saved
The answer is simple....NOT it is NOT wrong to drink 3-4 beers unless u r "drunk". NOWHERE in the bible does it say u can not drink alchohol. It only refers to alcohol in saying that it is wrong to get DRUNK and be slanderous. Hope u all work out ur differences
In christ Amanda

Father Of My Child Will Not Marry
I was in the same situation. The bible says that christians should not mix with nonchristians in marriage. You need to do what is best for your daughter. If your relationship is good, then you should pray and ask God what he wants you to do. If your relationship is bad, then I think the best thing for your daughter would be to move on. Remember that God has everything under control. No one in this world can give you the answer but God. You are a christian. Girl, use the power that God gave you and pray.

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
well i think that teen cutt bec they need to get stuff out woth out have to hart any one

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