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Who Is A Real Christian
First of all, you make reference to your "past relationship", meaning that is it now over. You met this man through a christian site and started a relationship with him before realizing that he was not a christian. How long was your relationship? Friendship first is a good policy because then you will be able to get a feel for the true identity of a person. If they love Jesus my dear friend you will know because God is love and his love will shine through that person in their words and actions.

Exceptions For Divorce
Death is not the only exception. The bible states different exceptions to divorce.One being adultery as stated in Math. 19:9.That very cleary states that if one commits "sexual immorality", then divorce is permissable.God hates divorces but he doesn't want his children in bondage either.Another being if your partner is unsaved and wants to leave,you are no longer accountable and in that case divorce is permissable.Alot of people take the bible out of context and form their own beliefs.

Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
We as christians and children of God are given the power and authority to cast out demons. If you are a christian then you do not have to search any further for someone who can. She needs to be set free and as her friend you can help her but you have to take authority over this spirit and mean business. There are not appointed people set for this task.God wants us to excercise the authority placed within us to help those in this situation.

Don't Be Unequally Yoked
Dear sister just want to encourage you today.Keep believing for your fiancee to come to know the Lord.At least he is open minded about your faith.Your heart longs for him to be on the same page but this will take time, prayer and encouragement. Be an example for him as a christian and his heart will follow. Encourage him to go to church and pray with you and read the bible together. All of these things will help him establish his heart in the Lord so you will be able to embark on this journey together.

Unborn Babies Go To Heaven
Babies are Gods little miracles.He forms and fashions them in his likeness and breathes his life into them.Whenever babies are a victim of circumstance whether it be an abortion or a miscarriage their voice remains unspoken because their little life was terminated or abruptly ended. They are not at the age of knowing and therefor I believe they return to heaven to be with the Lord.

My Past Still Bothers Me
I know where you are coming from my friend.I too have had the same difficulty with trying to get past some hurtful and some painful events in my life.I am learning that I have to "LET GO AND LET GOD...." We have to let go of those experiences and walk in faith leaving those things behind us, but also reflect back on them as learning/growing experiences. You will be a stronger person because of them if you let go and move forward. So LET GO AND LET GOD TAKE CARE OF THEM. Leave them at the cross.

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