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Did Solomon Go To Hell
According to 2 chr 21:7 he promised a light forever also we know that at the mouth of two or three witnesess every word can be established so in 1 kings 15:4 says nevertheless for Davids sake did he set up a lamp in Jerusalem, now solomons heart did turn but who's to say that it didn't turn back.

How To Stop Abortions
As a society, we obsess about the life of the unborn while failing miserably to protect and cherish the lives of the born. We do not provide health care for all children. Over two billion living children in the world go hungry each day. Millions die from preventable diseases, from lack of clean water or medicines. Thousands are killed in wars, destroyed by bombs, maimed by land mines or shot down as collateral damage in conflicts they did not create. We act as if a child's right to life terminates at birth.

Are Mormons Christians
stephen -The Jesus they call Savior isn't the Jesus who spoke the world into existance. he is a god among gods and a redeemer among many redeemers on many planets.
there are many things the mormons don't tell you and I was not aware of when I went to their church either.Having researched/verified them on exmormon sites and info against their own doctrines - they worship the god of kolob. It is not fair to them that for the sake of niceties you allow them to believe they are alright in their beliefs.

Why Do You Have To Go To Church
The bible says forsake not the assembly of the saints.

Husband Had Affair With My Friend
what do you mean "pushed her to do so" and "asked him first" does it matter. cheating is cheating. he didnt rape her nor vice versa. and whast worst a women fro mthe church. you would think the most moral place to be would be the church huh?

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