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Praying From A Book
Singing from hymnal is communal and all need to sing same words and tune. Praying is personal, our own words to God and time to listen also.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Kathr, I believe that you are thinking of the phenomena where a person is 'pregnant' with their own twin. It can happen to males and females. Instead of two separate babies one is inside the other. Type "pregnant with own identical twin" into Google and you find much information. The baby inside does not survive and has identical DNA to the boy or girl carrying it.

Various Types Of Preachers
All preachers should be able to show from scripture, if challenged about their sermon, where the bible says what they had preached. If their words are not backed up by scripture something is wrong.

I was once told that a member of a congregation should never challenge the preacher. I believe that to be incorrect. We are all answerable at some time or another and should be ready for a challenge when one comes our way. If we leave them to preach incorrectly we have allowed them to preach a falsehood.

My Pastor Is A Dictator
Some pastors make up their own rules as the go along. It's a case of do as I say or find another church'. When that is the case it's sad that more don't get up and do exactly that and then tell the church's governing body why they left.

Some pastors are in 'the ministry' to serve God and some are in the ministry because it's a 'safe option with benefits'. A near empty offering plate might make them have a rethink.

What About These Guys
They DON'T need all that money Rob, they WANT it because they are greedy and dishonest and by doing what they do they bring shame on real Christians because many do not understand the difference.

God will deal with them when and in whatever way is appropriate.

Explain Acts 2:17-21
Telling people that tongues is needed as evidence is a lie. Only certain churches teach this and, when asked where the bible teaches it they cannot tell you, because it is not there to show.

Holy Spirit Speaks To Heart
The Holy Spirit guides us through our daily lives and, because He knows us personally, what He says is meant for us personally and will not necessarily apply to anyone else, howevever, it will always be consistent with scripture even if the actual words are not found in scripture. Anything else would be rather suspect.

Are Women High Maintenance
We no longer live in 'old fashioned' times. Everything has changed. Women have freedoms never dreamt of by our grandmothers.

Women never were meant to be treated like animals but they were, assumed to be the slave of the man and a permanent baby machine. God created human beings to be higher than animals and work together as couples. He never intended us to be slaves to men.

Women would be far more content to give in to their man if their man obeyed the rules set down for the male of the species also. It's two way traffic.

What Spirit Is This
"I hear people say they are filled with the spirit, the spirit just came upon them, they have been slain in the spirit."

Having been a visitor at quite a number of charismatic churches I've heard these phrases quite a lot. I always come away from such places feeling that the people using those words don't know what they mean themselves. They become infectious and people attending seem to feel that they must use such language to fit in.

It is obvious that some are just using the 'patter' because they feel that they should.

The Word Of Faith Movement
YES, the Word of Faith Movement IS turning churches into Dens of Thieves. These churches have no good message to bring, they are there purely to scam money out of their gullible adherents.

What Is Tithing
Valerie, I agree that some pastors are dicatators and those under their ministry should find a new church. However your question seems to be teasing people. You give the impression that you can teach us all something, are you begging us to ask for this information??

If you think you know something we don't know then just tell us. The way this blog is going people will soon lose interest in your initial headliner.

As things stand right now you seem very pompous. Read previous tithing blogs here and maybe YOU will learn something.

Gift Of God Is Free
'Trav, are you so deluded you think your application of the Scriptures is the same as God's?

Is it REALLY necessary for anyone here to give replies like the one above (note that I have removed the name because there is more than one offender).

Christianet is, surely, put in place for us to help each other. If we all just want a slanging match there are far better (worldly sites) for doing that.

I feel that Christianet should cease displaying such answers and leave us all get back on track and behave as Christians.

Explain Matthew 22:37-40
Is God EVER glorified by comments like this one?

"OTOH, Christ is NEVER reviled by YOUR mindset, is He, Trav?"

If a person does not have an answer why answer?

Are Christians Happy
santimoy.kumar yes, I, as a Christian, am very happy but I cannot speak for others here. The word 'Christian' seems to be a word we cannot use as generally as your question wishes us to use it.

Some who use that word simply 'go to church' but are still as lost as they ever were and are not happy. Some think their 'brand' of Christianity is superior to that of others and, because of that, arguments break out which are far from Christian - as I am sure you are now witnessing.

I pray that, you will soon become a truly born-again Christian and understand just how much Jesus loves you and what He did for you.

Favorite Bible Version
In a new church I tried I was told that the version they used was the NKJV. A asked what it was and was told "The Spirit Filled Version". I asked more and was told that it was the KJV with the THEEs & THOUs taken out. After three visits to that church - having been told to 'raise my hands whilst singing like everyone else', 'put away my chorus sheet as I should know them by now' and was stared at by the man next to me as if I were from a different planet.

I left wondering where the 'spirit' was or which 'spirit' they wanted in their church.

They had a serious problem and it wasn't the 'version' causing it.

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