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Tribulation December 21st 2012
It's legit. I am selling my golden calf to buy a bus, tour the country, and warn everyone. Atheist

so at the end our "atheist" is actually "a theist", ghet it? (prbably the most stupid joke ever on Christianet)

Baptised Two Times
francis on 3/7/12 have I even mentioned FAITH in any post in this blog?

so is it the form that counts more then the faith attached?

Should You Marry Your Age
Cluny whilst you point my error, you err yourself, i did not mention the first, but the holy communion, also known as confirmation, and no the jew is not an adult at 12-13 he "begins his path at that age".

Should You Marry Your Age
Eloy Eloy Eloy, actually i was joking and not. Bar mitsvah was only put in place to celebrate for the Jewish boys, finally old enough to start their religious training in the synagogue, that doesn't imply that a jew conciders his boy mature from the age of ten. the RCC has a equivalent that is the sacred communion wher a child (12 year) now can participate fully in the sacraments.

Baptised Two Times
Francis, so according to you:
infant baptism isn't vallid because of the "lack of faith" even when it is a full immersion,and with the right formula

adult baptism isnt vallid unless it is the right formula and the full immersion.
am i right about your ideas?
so are you a symbolist or a formalist?

Baptised Two Times
Francis, now in many missionary countries, majority catholics are bapised on an older age (between 12 and +) is their baptism vallid? since they where no more children, and the "formula" in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit was used (be it in latin) your thoughts please.

Should You Marry Your Age
women should marry a man that is about 15 years older or wait until they themself are at least 32. (a man doesn't grow up until he's 37)

Mohandas Gandhi Said
NOTHING, Gandhi made the same misstake as any other. he mistook "western culture" for Christianity.
can you imagine today there are imams (moslim coranic teachers) teaching that playboy, penthouse, and the immorally sexually stained advertisments we see on television is part of "christian culture"? now we all know that is a lie but still the outsider cannot grasp the truth of another religion.

Is Evolution A Valid Theory
warwick,--> Moderators fault, i did see my misstake, and corrected it, but moderator failed to put it on line,

Is Evolution A Valid Theory
Atheist, so you do not believe the evolutionn theory? what do you believe then?
Warwick, i did not say what you said i said. I said that IF all conditions are met according to evolution, THEN an evolutionary process MAY occure, this is by deffenition a generational process ( a process that continues from one generation to another) that cannot be seen, yet which is pressent and working (this is the evolutionist's idea). the hard-core evolutionist sees it is better to terminate the devolutionary elements (sicklars and lesser forms) as to influence possitively the evolution of Nature. some people have no idea what evolution really is...

Is Evolution A Valid Theory
Atheist, what i said about the effects of darwinism is not made-up, neither is it that i went to an "anti-evolution" seminar directed by a creationist christian who wants to be a scientist (as you pressume) i read Darwin's works and i studied about it. of course it is normal that when someone says the truth, those who are deepest about a failing system, those within the first ranks of that system feels attacked. but like it or not the truth remains.

Should Christians Fast
Wow, Someone just spit a 2009year old Christian church tradition in the face.
Jesus did teach in How to fast, and when too fast, but never that it was moronic. so in calling fast (call it whatever you want) useless is straith against Christ's personal doctrines.

Is Evolution A Valid Theory
Atheist, evolution theory is bassicaly the idea that every generation is the progenitor of the improved version. thererfore every generation creates a better ofspring if all propers conditions are met. (social evolution finds its roots in this, and the holocaust of the jews was an honnest and genuine attempt of the evolutionary Nazi's to quicken humanities evolutionary process. so how can you say that evolutionists do not see themself as "creator" of their own??

Can I Have A Few Drinks
francis, are you aware that natural "palmjuice ferments quite naturally within a few hours after its substraction? in a fact palmjuice keeps fermenting unti it is drunk. anyone trying to extract grapejuice naturally will find the same problem with grapes. for Jesus drinking unfermented grapejuice is just a fairy story made up by hollinesspreachers who like to lie so the people would accept thetruth, well i rather stick to the full truth, it is true that nowadays there is an overconsumption, of alcoholic beverages, and most do have "chemical alcohols added, that would be a good reason not to drink any of them ever. unless you live in Africa.

Churches Without A Cross
Lee, that is true, because they believe that to make images of the cross is idolatry and therefore is an abomination, yet at the same time they print in their watchtower and other books numberous images of God the Father, Jesus the Holy Spirit and the saints and so forth. one would wonder. and what about the jeowahs eternal discussion about the form of the cross, for someone who says they do not value the natural, they do put to much emphasis.

Churches Without A Cross
seems to me i have hit a spot with my question, i asked this question, because the eldest inscriptions of the fish, where mainly found in Israel (the fishes in the catacombs where of later date). they where put on walls in (broken)cisterns and they where often accompanied by images of the seven armed candlestick and other nationalistic symbols. yet the cross was rare. (all incriptions are dated second half of the 1st century that would be 50-100 AD. the temple was destroyed 70 AD. crosses are much younger. any toughts without insulting instead?

Churches Without A Cross
Jason Varner, what you said is food but has a few flaws, the X is called the crux decussata and was mainly used in parts of Asia.
whilst the crux immisa is the properly used Roman tool.

Atheist, probably we would, or we would stick to the earlier christian symbol, the Ichtus fish. does anyone know the history of the fish? the cross came only in full use end second century beginning 3rd.

Can We Stone Kids Today
Jesus said: love God above all, and your neighbour as yourself, now that includes all the law and the prophets.
don't see anyone loving his neighbour stoning a kid for an offence that he couldhave commited himself. when Jesus was presented the adulteress woman with the question about the law Jesus did not refuse what the law said, only he added "he without sin throwed the first stone" nobody threw anything didn't they. so the law remains and God is the judge. for it is given to man to die once and then to face judgement. BEWARE. or REPENT

Religion Or A Relationship
religion is when you go to service, relation is your daily life with God, you cannot have one without the other. it is senseless peolpe who rage against religion and then go worship in church

When Can You Take Communion
1stcliff, if one cannot trust the canon, is there still use believing?1 Corinthians 15:19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.
however i never refused external evidence, evertyhing needs to be tested by the word, where else will we verify the truth about Jesus.

Ephesians 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.
1 Thessalonians 2:3 & 5 For our exhortation was not of deceit, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile: For neither at any time used we flattering words, as ye know, nor a cloke of covetousness, God is witness:

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