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Is Wife In Heaven
I am sorry for your loss.If she accept Jesus as lord and savior into her heart,then yes she is in heaven. It is only through Jesus that we can go to heaven. She is happy in heaven and in no pain. If you have accepted Jesus into your heart,then you will one day see her again. Nana,you are wrong. If you read the new testament in romans 10:9-13,you will see that you have to confess that Jesus is lord and into your heart to get to heaven,and not by what you said. God loves us all,he made us all. But in order to get to heaven we have to accept Jesus as our Lord and savior into our hearts and sincerely mean it.

Idolatry To Wear A Cross
Well,I got two thoughts on this.First,it would be idolatry if you are just wearing the cross as a good luck charm and wearing it like it itself will get you to heaven.Secondly,If you are wearing a cross like a necklace whether it is just a cross or Jesus on the cross because of what Jesus did for us and you do it out of love for Jesus,then i don't think it is idolatry. As for tatoo's,that i don't agree with in doing or believe in doing.But i also think it don't look good as you get older either.I have necklaces that has a cross,jesus on the cross.I know he isn't on the cross anymore,but i wear it out of love for Him and for what he did for us.Some may disagree with that,it is each person's conviction and opinion on that.Not everyone is the same.

How To Serve Your Spouse
Yes,you should.And he should do the same for you. If you read the book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman you will discover we all have love languages that certain ways make us feel more loved. For example,if you felt more loved by receiving gifts from him all the time,or quality time. Another one is called acts of service,which means say he feels more loved when you ask him what you can do for him that day,or help him do something. Which can be the same way. I suggest you read it,or both of you read it,and discover your love languages and it will also help you get closer. I agree with the Mod. But you should also advise your husband that if he wants you to do that,that he should do the same for you.

Was I Blaspheming
Eloy, Alan didn't call saints sinners. No one on earth is a saint,we all were born sinners. When we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts as lord and savior and truly mean it,we are saved and become christians. But we are still sinners,but we are just saved sinners. We don't intentionally live a lifestyle of sin,when we sin we repent from those sins,ask Jesus to forgive us. No one is perfect until we reach Heaven either by death or by Rapture. Also God does send us to hell when we never accept Jesus into our hearts. Jesus is the only way to get to heaven.

Was I Blaspheming
No,Alan you weren't blaspheming. You were only saying the truth and what Gods word says. The bible does say that Jesus is sinless,the Lord's prayers does say Forgives our sins,and that Only God himself And Jesus can judge and send people to hell. And the only way anyone can go to hell is by not accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The bible says He will forgive us our sins if we forgive others for their sins as well. So if someone did us wrong,we should forgive them if we want the Lord to forgive us. But if we choose to not forgive the other person,how can the Lord forgive us? If we do our part by forgiving others,whether or not that other person accepts it or not,we have done our part and our hands are clean in that matter.

My Man Is Balding And Fat
Looks fade away.Would you want him to think that same thing about you? Just cause you were a bit chubby,and something else not perfect.Looks don't matter and should be the last thing on the list. It should be what is on the inside that counts.Cause if you look at his heart,and that he is beautiful on the inside,then the outside will look beautiful to you no matter what. Just think as you grow old,you or him won't look the way you do now,and beauty fades away. So i would say if you are just looking on what is the outside,then maybe you need to rethink about getting married. But if you can look past that,and look what is on the inside,after all God doesn't look or judge us by our looks.

48 Year Old Plumber Salvation
That is so great,mima.Keep the good work up for the Lord.Cluny and those of you if you look in the bible it says the only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ.Read romans 10:9. The sinner's prayer is how God hears us before we get saved.THe sinners prayer is when we pray for Gods forgiveness,repent,and accept Jesus as lord and savior,and truly mean it. Also it is once saved always saved. Jesus died only one time for everyones sins.

48 Year Old Plumber Salvation
And mima didn't claim she saved anyone.She said she led someone to the lord.And just asked if it was prideful to report that she witnessed to someone and they accepted Jesus.That isn't being prideful.That is the more reason as christians when we here someone report that they witnessed to someone and they accepted Jesus,that we should be saying Amen,and rejoicing in that another soul got saved for the Lord. So maybe instead of saying the sinners prayer as if there is something wrong with it,and instead of misunderstanding what mima said,you should be rejoicing with her that another soul was saved for the Lord.Another soul that will get to go to heaven one day.

Jesus Born On December 25th
I think Jesus was born in the spring march-may or around september.But the reason we celebrate is his birth on december 25th is cause the christians watched the pagans celebrate the winter solistice.So they decided to celebrate Jesus's birth that day in order to get the pagans to look at it differently.And possibly when some to the lord by that.So if the pagans asks why we celebrate we say Jesus's birth.Besides that,It shouldn't matter when we celebrate it,we should celebrate every day of our life.I rather celebrate Jesus on dec 25 than a false god and celebrate the winter solistice.

Make Friends At Church
Not all churchs ignore people.My church welcomes everyone in,shakes hands,hugs everyone.But you have to do your part.How many times have you when they shook your hand or said hi have you said hi,how are you? Or how many times have you introduced yourself,try to go to some of the activites.Try to start the converstations and get to know them.Just don't expect them to do it all,you have to meet them half way.That is how we are at my church,if you are trying to get to everyone to shake hands,sometimes not so easy to speak.You need to try to do some of that too.Also pray and ask God to help you.If you don't feel like that is the right church for you,pray and ask God to help you find the right church for you.

I Am Furious With Him
Yes he should have told you and waited when you could be there.Also be glad that he told you.I know of some that would not have said anything at all.And he married you not her.Would you want him to act the way you are acting if you had made the same mistake? Two,instead of praying a curse on the person,pray for their salvation.You as a christian,should pray for your husband,pray that God help you to understand and get over this,and pray for that girls salvation if she isn't saved.Sit down and talk to your husband how it made you feel,and why you are so angry,help him to understand where you are coming from.But also be willing to listen to what he has to say and feel too.

Should I Marry My Fiance
The bible says not to be unequally yoked,which means we shouldn't marry unbelievers.And you are living in sin.If you do marry him,you need to make sure that he will let you and support you if you want to go to church and get closer to God again.You may one day win him over to the lord.Also,Jerry,it isn't wise to accept jesus just cause you love someone. In order to truly accept Jesus,God had to draw that person to him and touch his heart.Only then can a person accept Jesus and sincerely mean it. If you have to find another place to stay away from your fiance,and start getting closer to God and let him see Jesus in you,then if he sees you living for the lord and see Jesus in you,he may want to accept Jesus himself.

Who Is The Real Messiah
It is in the bible,rueben.Jesus was born of a virgin,died on the cross and rose the third day.So Jesus Christ is the Messiah.The bible says so.Read the bible.And after Jesus died and rose again,didn't need to do sacrafices anymore.We can pray to Jesus,ask forgivness and repent from our sins.Jesus died for our sins,so we can go to heaven.The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.

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