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Was The World Made In 6 Days
The Bible is what it is. I believe that yes, it was created in 6 of our actual days. I believe that he bestowed our idea of a day upon us and secondly he did it to show us the kind of power he has because when you think about everything being created in 6 days doesn't that put you in awe of his awesomeness? It does to me. And actually, he could have done it in 1 day if he wanted or 1 hour or 1 minute. That's why he asks us to put our faith in him. Feel free to believe whole heartedly in your King!

How Can You Go To Hell
Not accepting Christ, Blasphamy of the holy spirit (because the is the only sin that you can not be forgiven for) and some suicides. That's it.

How Can You Go To Hell
It depends on the frame of mind you were in when you committed the act. If you were insane I do not believe that God punishes those that were tormented and tortured.

How Can You Go To Hell
If you were sane and you decided to take your life in your own hands and you don't care then yes, I believe you go to hell. There is only one scripture the gets close to this answer and it tell us that if we destroy the temple of God (which is us) then he will destroy us. God doesn't send anyone to hell but we can send ourselves there out of rebellion. We tries every way he can to stop us but we always want to be in control.

Asked My Husband To Leave
The word of God says that a Christian should not marry a divorced Christian unless fornication was the sin which caused the divorce(meaning the other partner not yours). If you married someone that divorced for other reasons then you made yourself unequally yoked and yes, there comes downfalls. If you were a Christian and he was not you should not marry.

Asked My Husband To Leave
However, there is scripture that tell us that we the Christian can not ask the unbeliever to leave. They must want to leave on their own. So sweetheart, unless he chooses to leave, you need to remain being a good wife and just bite your tongue. We will be praying.

Does God Do My Will
Just because you tithe doesn't mean that you will get everything you ask for. But you can ask for stuff and the Lord will bless you as he sees fit factoring in whether it will help you or not. But your prayers don't get answered just because you tithe. Your prayers get answered by the kind of Christian you are and what you do for the Lord. If you're doing something to get something he doesn't bless that. Be careful you don't stumble into something that you shouldn't. God Bless

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