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Will God Restore My Marriage
Other scriptures concerning remarriage supports these scriptures. It is a sin to remarry while your first spouse still lives.Now concerning the thought of returning to your first spouse. If you read Jeremiah 3 (KJV), you will see where god divorced isreal for the sin they were commiting against their union (marriage) with them and when he divorced Isreal the word states "But you still went and defiled the yourself" and commited adultery, but return to me for I AM MARRIED UNTO YOU!" Now if god wanted them to return, thougn they went and married another wouldn't he want you to return to your coveniant spouse also?

Divorce Second Husband
It's interesting that i have come across this blog because i am going through the same thing and i have alot of conviction and guilt about remarrying. I have been hearing the voice of god tell me that this second marriage i am in is not in his will. Alot of preachers and non preachers will tell you that it is wrong to remarry your first husband but the word of god tells us that god hates divorce and until your first spouse dies you are bound to him. So no, it would not be wrong to remarry your first husband because in god's eyes he is still your husband and the husband you now have is not and you are living in adultery. So yes return to your first love, your husband as you return to god by repenting.

Divorce After His Affair
It does say divorce is permittable when fornication/ adultery has been comitted. Just because she forgives you dose not meen she has to subject herself to another future possible betrayal. My abusive husband I forgave for cheating and the abuse but it never made anything better by staying and praying about it. Simple truth is once trust is destroyed on that level you can kiss it goodbye forever. Unless your your going to allow god to show you how to love her and meet her needs as she tries to heal wich will be torturous you will never have a chance.

Men Wear Hats In Church
It is out of respect for the Reverence of God. It's called curtesy. But that's an ancient word nowadays. There's less respect, curtesy, kind language and less servanthood for mankind. And that's biblical..

Should Christians Drink Alcohol
There is nothing in the bible that says not to drink. But it does say not to drink to excess. This is because then your mind will not make right decisions, etc. You must always know what you are doing, as in the relationship with God and others.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
Iam so sorry to hear about your situation. I fully empathise with you as I am in a similar situation myself. My son became estranged from me more than 6 years ago but we haven't really seen eye to eye since I re-married 24 years ago. He was 15 at the time and I guess a little too old to accept a new step father. With time you will learn to accept the situation as unfortunately it is outside your control. Hopefully he will come
round..if and when he does, don't talk about the past, just be glad and carry on as if nothing has happened.In the meantime, try and live your life and be happy .. You know, once our kids become adults we have to accept that our job is done and let them go. I am praying for you that your son comes back into your life.

Affair With Heavy Woman
For one thing an overweight woman isnt unnatractive,some men prefer overweight women.What if she was prettier than you does that mean he had a reason to cheat on you?Looks doesnt matter,your husband cheated,The devil is a tempter.Is your husband a christian.Are u a christian?God can mend broken hearts ,people can let us down but God never does.Pray to get rid of bitterness,it is understandable though,but pray to get rid of that.Forgive husband and go on with your life with your husband.And getting back at him doesnt solve anything.True forgiveness is freeing.

Have You Seen An Angel
I know that I have seen angels, at one time in my life I was a dancer and drug attic who was ready to die. I was driving down the highway crying and begging the Lord for someone to talk too, at the time I had reached the bottom and knew that I needed God back in my life. I begged and begged God for anyone to help me and I happened to look to my right and see two men dressed like Jesus dressed, one carrying a cross. I pulled in to the mall parking lot where they were at and they prayed with me for the longest time. They gave me a bible and after that,I never danced again and I stopped doing drugs. They where dressed like the men we see in bible based books. The one had a real wooden cross. I know they were angels sent by God. He heard my cries.

Is God Interested In My Life
god is interested in life that he gave u life to begin with he died for our sins

Can Women Be Used Of God
yes,women can be used by god they can be through his scriptures and his word

I Hate My Husband
i know exaxtly how you all you do is care for your family and have nothing left for strong you are a good mother and a good wife God knows your heart.

Long Distance Love
I say love is impossible before meeting. You may love the idea. I thought I loved my phone "boyfriend" of 4 months but it was never said. We met last week. It was great but not as great as the phone. Still a strong connection,we want it to work and are taking it one day at a time. See the way he interacts with you & if he looks in your eyes, see how he acts around friends/family and TAKE IT SLOW. Don't fall for "love is blind". It could work!

Ok To Kill A Child Molestor
M.P.-- I agree. Rebecca, I could never understand in a million years how your sister could still be married to this man. What about blood is thicker than water? As far as you forgiving this man...God Bless You for that!

Ok To Kill A Child Molestor
No, it's not OK. Murder is a sin. I do think castration would be good. What do you think?

Are Birth Control Pills Abortion
I'm confused as to why this question is even being asked. Is anyone else? The answer is so simple: NO The pill prevents conception.

How Much Church Entertainment OK
Jerry Falwell's shoes are on eBay - students from his Liberty Univeristy are selling them and they've got about 20 bids!

Is This Prophetess Of God
I feel that Juanita Bynum is very spiritual and that she loves God, with all her might. Yes! she is of God,and I feel this because i love the Lord also.I also feel I have the gift of prophetism.How do I know?

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