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Digital Pictures Of Demons
demons are everywhere now maybe its because of all the wars and stuff even though i sort of believe in both sides i still think demons are out there. god may or may not help us. it depends on whether we know what is happening or not.

Afraid To Pray Out Loud
I have always had this issue. I clam up and get so nervous when I'm in a meeting and we are asked to break up in groups to pray..I don't believe its an attack. Its just who I am.Sometimes people are so articulate when they pray that it makes me feel inadequate. I know that sounds like a insecurity problem, but honestly I am an outgoing person I just don't feel comfortable speaking in front of others...I can pray for hours by myself or with my family.I pray about it all the time..

Can Satan Hear My Prayers
can he hear you when you pray? i talk to god alot at anytime sometimes to myself-so pray out loud or not?

Prosperity Preacher Are Christian
born agains don't lose their enter the kingdom of God you must be born again.
the holy spirit brings you into rememberance of what JESUS SAID.
the FALL was before CHRIST not after CHRIST.
no getting lost with the good shepherd.
bottom line Christ said follow me.

Can A Democrat Be A Christian
So if you are a Republican and a Christian, how do you reconcile being Pro-Life and Pro Death Penalty?

Can Autistic People Love God
i truly believe no matter what our disadvantages we can all love and feel the presense of god in our lives,disadvantaged people are usually more in touch with god than the ordinary individual as they are usually more sensitive xx

I Cry When I Pray
bless you love
i to cry at all the bad things going on in this world.but then i see the sun shining or hear a bird sing and i look around and see the beauty in everything god created,it lifts my heart for awhile

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
I believe that cutting is an emotional escape having to do with living as a teen in our society today. I don't belive that it is demonic possession or anything having to do with Satan himself, parenting, love or anything else. It is a great deal harder to live with the pressures society puts upon oour youth. Love them, get them the help they need and stress the importance in which God has on their lives

Preacher Husband Left Me
its not right for ANYONE to leave there spose without GODS approval which is outlined in the Ephesians and others too..

Am I Called To Sing
i know exactly wat ur talking about cuz im going thru the same exct thing! singing and all. thats odd that two people are going thru the same exact thing...pray!!

Where To Go To Church
I believe that the love you feel for that church is a good sign to stay. Because the word says do not forsake the assembling together and the enemy wants to confuse us and keep us running. Unless your spirit is grieved by something that came straight from the pulpit, you may be in warfare with the enemy and just need to stand firm.

Do You Rebaptise
i was baptised in 6th grade, i walked away from the LOrd very soon after into drugs and alocohal, and then 1 year and 8 months ago i got arrested and truly accepted christ again..i got baptised again in thats 2x for me..its okay..its showing a recommitment to the Lord.(im 17)

I Want To Become A Christian
CHLOE! im so happy for you!..i am also a teenager and "saved"..saved is only a word saying that your saved from eternal damnation and the lake of need yo find a church that is on fire for God..and has a great youth group, if you live in Cleveland.

My Virgin Left Me
I was also in the same situation a while ago. You need to realize that if she had loved you she would have never done that. Being a virgin/pure until marriage is so special. You have a gift that she can NEVER take back. You can be friends with her, but dating her would not be wise.

Are You Saved And Why
I am saved, only by God's grace, I "know" im saved because God's word says,
if you will repent and believe than God will save you, the term "saved" is only a word to describe being saved by God's grace from eternal damnation and hell.From the lake of Fire, from a eternity without Him.

Solve My Riddle
mmhm..a beginning..we have a beginning and God doesnt thats what he doesnt have that we do.a beginning end.

Any Honest Christian Girls Around
Hi! im an honest christian chick, u can email me to talk ok?

How Do You Love Someone
i feel your pain. i have to "Hold" myself back from loveing a 23 year old(saved) guy, hes my youth pastor and im just hopelessly in love with him. i have to let myself love him as a brother and friend b4 anything else..just trust god..pray and believe

Acceptable to Date A 16 Year Old
i think its perfectly fine..if u guys refrain from doing sexual things that in love with a 23 year old and im only 16..i feel your pain..because i dont know if he feels the same way..i know he loves me but is he in love with me??Confusing..

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