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I Want The Best Things In Life
Your attitude needs to change from poor me who is wallowing in doubt.Renew your mind with the word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. You get what you expect. Expect God to do great things for you. You are failing to see his everyday blessings. Start by being greatful for what he has already done.That is a good place to start.

Can't Get Enough Of God
"Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Never apologize for loving Jesus. Just obey God and love people. Remember ministry is a by product or overflow of your relationship with the Lord.

Pastor's Wife Is Unsaved
What kind of example is a pastor who is in rebellion to the word of God? If he got saved after marrage and she is yet unsaved it is more understandable but he is not ready for ministry as a pastor.

Strange 44 Year Old Single Woman
It is done by grace dear ones.

Explain 1 Timothy 2:5
I think it is pretty clear. the Pope has no place here. He is not the mediator between God and man. Jesus Christ and he alone is.

Dress Anyway To Church Today
God looks on our heart that is true. But we would not appear before the President or the Queen so carelessly dressed. Why do we not show more respect for God? He is the ultimate authority. Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Why So Many Denominations
Because we have not all come into the fullness of faith yet.

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