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Can A Church Minister Forgive Sin
Hallo friends in Jesus name!
After reading and replying to this blog I've decided I am truly waisting my time...
By the way even us Catholics do read and know our bible quite well. I have been teach-ing scripture for nearly 25yrs, and have had orthodox, protestant and buddhist children in my 6th grade. (Mainly because the parents wanted a more disciplined catholic secondary Ed for them)Thank GOD I've never taught nor practised such bias shown by many non-catholic christians here...Anne

Can A Church Minister Forgive Sin
I just happen to come across all the argu- ments in ref to: 'Can a minister forgive sins? Some replies are real fuel for the atheists. A priest/clergymen forgives in Jesus' name.

My Husband Just Left Me
My dear friend in Christ
Humans can be selfish. At least your children are grown up. I'm the sole carer of a 29year old disabled son with my 85yr old mother. A hobbie might help you at this point in time. I am feeling alone too. My son is very ill again a. doctors don't seem to care. You and I must learn to rely more on Jesus,friends a.prayer. I'll say a prayer for you as well, a friend in Jesus Anne

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