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Acceptable To Spank Kids
This has always been a tough question for me. I was slippered and cained and rulered and strapped and whatever other punishment you could imagine giving a child at school in the old days.

In its favour I guess I haven't grown up to be a bad person because of it, yet in many ways it gave me miserable memories of my childhood.

Maybe it depends on the individual child. If you have one that will listen to reason without chastisement, or will behave if grounded or having privileges withdrawn then fine. If not, I think it is better to give the odd slap when young if that is what it takes to stop them turning into teenage hoodlums latter.

Bosses Adultery Irks Me
Adultery is wrong, I agree with that but you do not say why in particular this wrong in others irks you so much?

When I see wrong-doing between others I try to pray for them. That is the best that we can do - I don't know if this helps but why get irked at other peoples wrong-doings that we are not directly involved with.

Don't we have enough of our own misdeeds to think about before considering what other are getting up to. Be a shining light to others by your own good examples and not fret about the negativity of others which will only bring you down to their level by fretting about what others are getting up to.

How Should We View Money
money isn't good or evil, it's just bits of paper and pieces of metal. It is what people do with it or if people are obsessed with it that makes it good or bad.

Sure, ask God whatever you feel you have a real need for but remember there is a difference between real need and being greedy or asking for something that you can really live without.

Afraid To Pray Out Loud
I suffer from exactly the same problem of praying out aloud in front of other people. I am not shy generally. My fear personally is that I don't have posh/fantastic sounding words to use like some people come out with and my heartfelt prayers are always short and not very wordy.

Everyone is trying to assure me that it is more important on praying from the heart rather than how many words you can fit into a sentence. Once I get my head around that and realise I don't have to be a literary genius to pray out loud and that people won't mind if you are not, then I think it will be okay.

Benny Hinn Shocked Divorce
God allows us to go through trials. They are the fires we must all go through. They bring us closer to Him. Benny Hinn is havin his turn. Keep him in your prayers

How To Fix My Credit Report
smile...go to the library and read the book, "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey before you do anything. Or better yet, find him on your daily am radio station and call in with this question. My opinion is, In a nut shell, pay off your credit cards, and save your money! Don't buy a hummer, they are gas hogs. (that's my opinion) ....take care!

Must Christians Tithe
Christians don't HAVE to do anything...but if they want to grow spiritually, I say, by all means, YES, go ahead and tithe! You will only grow deeper in your faith and relationship with the Lord if you do...good motivator, huh?

Why Should I Believe In God
Christianity is the only "religion" that offers forgiveness for sin through the supreme sacrifice of God's only Son. If you read the Bible start to finish you will get a grip on this fact and will be totally blown away....try the Bible in 90 Days. However, get this, no one can ever "prove" this fact to you...Christianity uniquely requires faith. Something that will not happen in merely debating the have to read it for yourself. I challenge you to 90 days of digesting God's Word, then get back to me. k?

Are Roman Catholics Christian
People always ask me if I'm Christain, because Im Catholic... I dont understand why.

Engaged First Date Acceptable
definetly not!!
dont put yourself down!
dont be in a rush!
dont marry someone off the net!
It is just fantasy!
dont get hurt!
I did!
be carefulllllllllllllll
dont do it

Baptized For Dead Family Member
I am a United Methodist and would like to clear up any misconceptions about infant baptism in the UMC. We do not believe that this act removes sin. It is a ceremony in which the parents/family members of the child and the church promise to raise the child as a Christian. Later on, the child can claim for himself the gift of grace, salvation through Jesus Christ.

Why Don't People Read The Bible
I think many times people don't know where to start. I used to try to read through the Bible at Genesis and would slow down somewhere around Chronicles. It may be effective for some people to start with the New Testament, or the book of John. I made it through Chronicles eventually, and now read the Bible all the way through each year, but sometimes I skip around in the order I read the books. Reading the Bible is so key to Christianity this is the book we say we believe in, so we should read it.

Did Anyone Marry A Little Boy
I did and I am younger than my husband. I have have to step up by supporting our family, paying the bills, etc. so these things get done. It has been trying to say the least. Hind sight is 20-20.

My Wife Hits Me And Wants Others
You need to consider leaving, and also find an Alanon group they are very supportive and will help you through this (if she also has a drinking problem). Your wife is abusive.

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
As a 39-year-old, I can tell you that I would never want to go back to being 20. I am closer to the Lord, smarter and more confident than I was back then. Don't sell us almost 40s and over 40s short!

Advice About My Current Affair
I was once the wife of a man who was blatantly cheating. My life at the time was like I imagine hell to be. I do not understand how any decent woman with an ounce of compassion could treat another woman in a marriage covenant, with such disrepect and disregard. My experience was two years ago and I am still trying to deal with the pain, humiliation and complete crushing of spirit that this woman and my unfaithful husband caused. While they are living together, "in love" building their happiness on someone elses misery. I think your request is a joke.

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