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President Trump Twitter Facts
Ven, don't think so highly of yourself that God would strike anyone dead because of how or what they say to you. Such arrogance in that statement. The more you speak, the less impressed I am with you. That sounds like some Benny Himm voodoo garbage he use to say along with many WOF false teachers.

How Long Was Adam Pure
Why have the SDA's again taken over this blog? It has nothing to do with Bryan's question!

OK For Christians Drugs

Better to merely look like a loser and idiot than to actually be one.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

---Cluny on 8/6/

I'm sure you would know that one the hard way.

---Jed on 8/6/13

Here we go, pretending on another blog how upright and Godly we are supposed to be without making hateful comments to others, and then here is a hateful comment.

Jed, you are such a hypocrite.

Oh, I'm sure you are going to say, "I was just kidding".

Teen Skin Cutter
I can't believe you people would try to say that her daughter is possessed. Do you even think before you comment? What if someone was telling you that someone close to you was demonized? Do you even consider how awful that is? Wendy, I cut myself, I think the best thing is not to force your daughter to quit or pressure her. Just tell her that you are there for her whenever she needs it. What is most important is her knowing that you accept her, love her, and want to help. Remember to give her space.

What's Up? It's September
I'm sure chira would have figured that out all by herself MarkV. After all you did.

How To Witness To Cults
so what is heretical about their teachings? by the way if one reads their creeds they are not much different then most protestants and catholics.

My Husband Isn't Attractive
asha, how did God reveal to you to marry a repulsive partner?

Did God Allow My Divorce
lee, the problem with electing an elder is following: 1timothy 3. if someone could only wrip that entire chapter out, wouldnt that be helpfull? a drunk and a greedy, a fighter and a slanderer, an abuser and a soforth as long as he has the tallents will serve the church better then someone who actually is trying to be holy. this point of not putting as a leader someone with a second wife (actually Paul talked about polygamy) is so that the leader should not say do not do what i do.

Was This a Lying Spirit
1st cliff, half the churches mentiond started 19th century 1801-1900 so historically your still wrong

Tim Tebow Representing Christians
basicaly, God uses him as example for all scardycats in the US who rather hide their faith.

Was This a Lying Spirit
some need to ghet their history straith, the ^pentecostal movement didnt' start before 1907, so how can the pentecostal assemblies have started before. when making a comment please check.

Are Christmas Trees Evil
I've got attacked by muy christmass tree yesterday. (thehounted xmasstree) aren't there any more important subjects?

Date Of Trinity Doctrine
Trinity isnt biblical neither is unitrianism. both are wrong GOD IS A MILLION

Do Teenagers Deserve Privacy
My answer is relative to what's going on with the kid.

My mother trusts me enough to not need to go snooping. My sister and step-brother were... not the best of children and my mother and father went through their rooms.

Reasonable suspicion gives parents a right to go through there kid's room. Maybe only looking around for stuff in the open with the child present.

But honestly, if you feel the need to go through your child's room, then there's a trust issue and I would suggest therapy.

Hard To Be A Christian
Because we are human, we all want to be accepted and loved by everyone, its especially hard when u find other groups of ppl who are really nice and sweet and are overall good ppl, but not into the whole christianity thing. we are afraid of rejection and being alone and forfeiting certain intimate friendships that we know can make us happy, but what u should always keep in mind is that there is no greater love then Jesus' and even when the world tries to offer better or equal happiness, we need to show God just how much we believe in him by sacrificing certain things we may want, it hurts, but God will guide u through it and will show a better outcome than u expected. God doesn't want u to be unhappy,but rather get the best out of life

How To Identify Cults
Always entertained by the infamous "cult" question...look up the definition of a cult...Christianity meets the general definition! The fact is that many well meaning people on these blogs describe a cult as anyone who doesn't believe as they do. They are people who believe whatever they've been taught and don't bother doing any legitimate research on their own.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
i'm probably too young to be on this website, but i am 16 and all i'm going to say is that i love someone who is 29. he's not the most attractive guy out there, and he's not married. but i'd like to marry him. is it wrong for a 16 year old to be in love with /want to marry a 29 year old? i'd rather marry him than some hot guy my age.

Filing For Bankruptcy
A few years ago I was forced into bankruptcy due to a loss of employment of my ex (no child support) and medical insurance. I have a child with an illness and her medications are over 400.00 per month. Unfortunately I had to use my credit cards to help provide for my children. I tried very hard to work out a plan with the credit card people and they were unwilling. I looked for other solutions but found none. It was the only way to stop the harassment and believe me they are relentless! I would have preferred to pay them off but as I said - they wouldn't allow me to pay what I could afford at that time in my life. I think it should be used only as a last resort but I am grateful that the option exists!

Books Missing From The Bible
Mormons believe the King James Version of the Bible is the most correctly translated. Mormons believe the Bible to be the Word of God. Mormons also believe the Book of Mormon is also the Word of God and that it is another witness of Jesus Christ.

Mormons didn't "mess with the original." What books were put into the Bible and left out of the Bible were determined by councils of men...none of which were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons).

Young Women Marrying Older Men
I would not say things should be this way(society) but we should be free to make our own choices. This type relationship may work for some but not for everyone. If you are faced with this decision, you will have to decide for yourself, what will work for you.Experience is still the best teacher.
I married a man 21 1/2 yrs older. I am not really happy now. To be honest. I would like to see those beautiful teeth again(they are gone) that wonderful physique,he's retired ( sits around now)virility is gone. The list is too long to put here.
I feel sad sometimes. The memories are not enough.

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