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Join Protestant Or Catholic Church
Greyrider do you pray to Mary?

Is Moronism A Cult
MORMONS WON'T TELL YOU that the state of Utah, which is predominately Mormon, has a higher than the national average of wife-beating, child abuse, and teenage suicide.

Do We Serve The Same God
One must ask: If Islam is a "religion of peace", then WHY are they beheading, shooting, viciously impaling, and blowing up innocent people all over the world? They proudly yell, "Allah akhbar" (God is great) every time they perpetrate an atrocity, and then strut about like barnyard roosters, boasting for all the world to see, while celebrating their atrocities in front of national television cameras.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Emcee there was no Roman Catholic church when the NT was written.We are the church. He knows where his sheep are. he never said they'd be connected to Rome.everything about the doctrines and structure of the Catholic church is an abomination to Christ

Are Roman Catholics Christian
The NY Catechism, The Pope takes the place of Jesus on earth. By divine right, the Pope has supreme and full power in faith and morals over each and every pastor and his flock. He is the true Vicar of Christ, the Head of the entire Church, the father of all Christians. He is the infallible ruler, the founder of dogmas, the author of and the judge of councils, the universal ruler of truth, the supreme judge of heaven and earth, the judge of all, being judged by no one, God Himself on earth.

Why Mary Was A Virgin
"On this universal level, if victory comes, it will be brought by Mary. Christ will conquer through her, because He wants the church's victories now and in the future, to be linked to her" (John Paul II, from "Crossing the Threshold of Hope").

Should Church Know My Income
I think pastors should publish their incomes, since they come from the congregation.

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