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What Is A Christian
A christian is a person who confesses Jesus as their Lord and the One who died on calvary to pay for their debt of sin. Then proceeds to have a daily prayer time with God in which they exault Him and pray for forgiveness for the other things that they have done wrong. Then they study the Bible and seek the counsel of other Christians and pray to find the church that God would have them in and then they go to it.

What Is Depression
As someone who has struggled with depression, I can tell you it is not fun. I would seek out christian counseling, start exercising and eating right. If that doesn't work you might talk to your doctor or a psychiatrist because you may need medicine. It is nothing to be ashamed of and know that you are not alone. I am praying that everything works out for you.

I Really Like My Youth Pastor
The age difference is something to think about. It would be better for you both if you wait so that there is no legal question because as defined by law it is not right for a 16 yr to be with a 23 yr old even if the relationship is pure. If he is the one God has in store for you then I would wait two years so that you are more emotionally, spiritually and legally prepared for each other. I didn't date until I was 18 and even then I was not prepared so just keep praying for him and for you.

Can Women Lay Hands On Sick
God can use anyone in anyway He pleases. When people start questioning like that I think that He used a donkey to get His point across, so what's wrong with Him using me or anyone else for that matter for whatever He desires. We only need to be open to His direction and not do things on our own that will get us into trouble everytime. Anyhow if it's laying on of hands everyone should be worried about the state of their soul and not what's on their birth certificate.

I Want To Write My Dad
Well I did email my dad after not seeing him for about 18.5 years and he didn't want anything to do with me. But I got closure and I am very happy that I spoke to him and I am glad to be done with him as well. I am no worse off than before and I don't miss what I used to because I know him. I still love him but I forgive him and keep him in my prayers.

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