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Women To Be Silent In Church
paul speaking about the goverment of God .not the women to rule the church. speaking of authority. women will be a helpmate .paul mention to put everything in order. nowadays some allow it which God not intended to thats why brings chaos.

Unity Of Churches and Denomination
denominations are all came in all different ideas and beliefs formed by so called Man of God. in the bible Jesus only mentioned in His teaching the KIngdom of God. christianity today are full of diverse teaching . sound doctrine in the early days of the apostles pertaining to the kingdom of God this is now missing and neglected

Are Christians Scared To Die
if you read the book of epistle of paul to the philippians he mentioned somewhere that to live is christ and to die is gain,.if you accept Jesus christ as your Lord as your Lord and savior you will be a child of God . His Spirit will testify to your spirit being His child.
yes we have all fear to die especially guilt hinders us all to sins we commit and continually doing . only by His grace sustain us to ask Forgiveness.

Need Encouragement Scripture
You can read psalm 23 the whole chapter how the is our shepherd. matthew 11;28 jesus said ;come to me all who are in heavy laidens and i will give you rest . take my yoke for my burden is light. read that and take to your heart. jesus heal a lot of people who come to Him without doubt in their heart.

Christians Play Secular Music
I love music though, but if God by the Help of the Holy Spirit in us giving us wisdom and discerment about some music we listen to. secular music consist of self centeredness rather than glorifying our savior Jesus christ . God will give us wisdom to whom we listen to .

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