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What Makes A Happy Marriage
Amen Olive, sounds fine with me.

One added thought - to stay married -
2 people must believe there is no way out. And that God will lead you together.
Understand what abuse is and avoid between the 2 of you.

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
Life is a question of faith not gambling.

Gamble - to risk or bet something of value on the outcome of an event,
- to lose or squander by wagering or taking risks,
- any uncertain venture or transaction.
Chance - unknown, fortune, luck.
Luck - that which happens by chance

Faith - Belief in God or in testimony about God as recorded in Scriptures.
- belief without need of certain proof
- confidence in or dependence on a person, statement or thing as trustworthy; trust

Scripture For Satan Listening
Job 1:6-12 and Luke 22:31-34 are interesting conversations regarding the desires of Satan and his control.
We also evidence the all knowing knowledge of God and the ability of God to control Satan.

Christians Speak The Right Words
Jargon cannot be learned unless it is said and explained. We come to Christ by faith.
How can go from milk to meat? More Biblical jargon!!

Foster Online Spiritual Growth
I love 2 read the blog questions. I love 2 read the answers.
I have even asked some of the questions & tried 2 find some of the answers. Other times I have concluded nothing I would say could make any difference.
Sometimes I love the fact that many people agree. Sin is sin. It is a group saying "please don't sin - don't hurt yourself"... & just as directly don't hurt the reputation of the Christian life.

Why Fight About Days And Food
Days are important - Birthdays are important. Cake and candles are important.
But your right - Why argue?
For the kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
For he who serves Christ in these things is acceptable to God and approved by men.
Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify the another.

Why Does My Church Judge Me
You could try inviting some people to your house instead of going to theirs.
But it also takes time to let them re-adjust to your new situation.

Time and prayer and patience on your part will help. But still you are hurt and only God can heal.

What Is Dividing The Truth
2 Timothy 2:15
Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, RIGHTLY dividing the word of truth."

The "word of truth" generally refers to the Bible. Rightly dividing generally means correctly explaining. Or giving an interpretation that is honest & in agreement with the understanding that God intended.

Which Bible Is The Best
Why is the NKJV corrupt? What passages are wrong? Thank you

Moderator - Type "Corrupt NKJV" or something to that affect in a search engine. 100,000 known changes. The NKJV isn't from the KJV as the title would lead one to believe.

Why Do We Need To Pray
Life has patterns that human beings know. We expect certain things to happen. My child will walk and talk and go from one grade to the next.

As a parent it is nice to be asked for help or to have a morning conversation with a child, or to get a good night hug or to be thanked for providing a meal. Such interaction enriches the bonding.
And my child fell - she wanted me to notice. She cried and pointed to the sore. I put some ointment on it with a bandage.

God is a parent.

Did Jesus Use Humor
Can not think of any references to joke cracking.

Trust in the Lord & do good;
dwell in the land & enjoy safe pasture.
PSALM 37;3&4

GALATIANS 5 especially verses 19-24


Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circurstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.......avoid every kind of evil.

Blog For Single Parents
My mother is a widow. I am female child.

Advice from my mom -
"I have never tried to be the dad and the mom. I am the mother."

Male role models provided other ways.
Male teachers at school.
Male choir leaders in the church.
Male neighbours.
Male bosses at work.
Combined male & female leaders in the after school programs.
Healthy same sex relationships.
Even Bible study helps to describe roles.

Is Salvation A Little Prayer
Dedicated, sincere prayer - long or short can be life changing.

Is The Soul Immortal
Body, Soul and Spirit

Well the body dies and everyone wonders what happens to the rest. The spirit of a man is either good(Holy Spirit)
or bad (involved with Sata. The soul goes which ever way the spirit of the man directs. The soul I think goes on after death or we would not have to learn about heaven and hell. There is life after death. But God does the deciding according to our affection for Christ.

Is Jesus God
Father, Son(Jesus) and Holy Spirit is the Christian lingo for God. Trinity is the collective word for this grouping.

Women In Leadership Roles
"FROM EVERY WOMAN IN THE BIBLE" by Sue and Larry Richards P.236

The absolute prohibition against women teaching(1Timothy 2:9-15)
This passage is the most difficult to interpret in harmony with the positive & supportive view of women that we have identified throughout the New Testament.
.... It seems the women were more interested in beauty aids(vanity) than in good works. And they are not to lead away by gullible women loaded with sins, nor
led away by various lusts.

Parents Marrying Me Off

Remember we can never live our life independent from the will of God for our lives.

Can A Woman Be A Bishop
Let women learn in silence with all submission - 1 Timothy 2:11

At least women can learn. Permission to learn is a great victory won by God for women - all women regardless of race, colour or creed. Women may & should & are allowed to learn. First & foremost they are to learn from men - supposedly their husbands. Some Garden of Eve creation story says it is woman that comes from man. And they may learn about God. This should liberate women not cripple them.

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