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Can A Woman Be A Bishop
From "Every woman in the Bible"

Why did Paul want women to learn.
verb - imperative - learn
Rabbinc Judaism forbade women to learn.

So learn
1. good doctrine - produces love from a pure heart, from a good conscience and from sincere faith
2. united doctrine
3. so they will not fall after false teachers.
4. learn from your husband and teach your children and younger women.
5. what - good things.

Females Must Be Given Away
You can even walk down the isle by yourself.

Christians Think They Are Better
Bible Verse
"Consider others better than ourselves".
better in this sense means more important than.
It is often difficult, humbling & energy consumer to keep seeing others more important.
Jesus did not ignore rich people however. He even used them in parables. He just offered them the same challenge with more personal wealth to give up to get it.
Imagine having to give up EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE to follow Christ.

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