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Tithe Of Mint, Dill And Cummin
NO where in the bible does it say that tithing is 10% of your income. When JESUS was yelling at the Pharisees about tithing spices, but not Loving, JESUS was still a Jew under law. HE was not talking to Christians. Abraham tithed 10% of his spoils he recieved from war. Abraham was already a rich man before he made this 1 time tythe. Do not let Preachers say to you "tithing is a benchmark of where you should start", they all say that. Giving is from the heart where GOD directs you to give. Follow your heart, don't follow this false teaching of man. If you listen closely to 10 tithing pastors they all say the same thing. Trust GOD Pastors. People are studying this for themselves and finding out the truth, it is not hidden lies anymore.

Offended By Women Pastors
yes, it offends their ego" all scripture quoting aside this question is very simple to answer indeed!

Where Is God When We Suffer
God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Miracles are performed each and every day and we often dont take the time to see them. Miracles are not only things such as healing the lame or helping the blind to see but miracles such as a single mother having time to read the Bible to her children or just as simple as the birth of a child is a miracle. Please search out God and listen to him and I will assure to will find many modern day miracles.....

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
no baptism is just water it is a symbol I am saved by the blood of the lamb so if you get baptized but never confess JESUS AS LORD Iyou wont go to heaven because JESUS is the ONLY way and donna I think you need a new boyfriend ur boyfriend is acting lie a maniac

Is There Everlasting Hell
I would rather live my life believing in God than to die and find out then!!!!!

Kay Arthur Prophecy
I dont know what to think about that but I hear about food shortage and that tells me that Jesus is coming soon so I hope you are ready
come Lord Jesus

Why Does God Kill People
God is life... the wages of sin is death....

God Made Me Sin
I would say no its not Gods fault you did it you are the one who has gone cookoo

James Kennedy Just Died
not much anymore IM sorry he died but Im not crazy about him anymore because of all the statements I hear about false teachings Ive been google and dr james kennedy was on the list

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