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Predestined To Salvation
Chicken or the egg...
I haven't seen anyone mention Rev. 3:20 "I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will go in and eat with him..."
God knocks but doesn't force his way in. God calls, some open the door. Because he already knows who will open the door, does that make the choice invalid?

Joel Osteen Opinions
I have totally enjoyed reading the comments on this blog - Holly and Whisper especially. I would like to hear from someone that attends the church before making a sweeping judgement by calling him a false teacher. Sunday is only a part of the experience. Are there Bible studies and doctrinal classes where the "meat" and balance come in?

Creation Museum Denounced
Amen, Marty!
Try this. "God has written two books, Scripture and nature." (Bacon) We ought to be reading them both all the time. Scripture is infallible, nature is God's handiwork. The two are not intended to contradict and when it appears that they do, we must work to figure it out!

What Bible Do You Use
I have five translations on my shelf - but my church and school use the NIV. I'm amazed at the consistency between translations - even translations from tranlations (KJV). I'm a bit chagrined by the militaristic adherance to the KJV by some of you. I suspect that one's Christian denomination makes a difference here.

Are Atheists Really Good
God is good. No person is "good" and "doing good" does not earn salvation. Anyone can "do good," athiest, Christian, or muslim. When Christ saves you, you do good out of gratitude and conviction. Good grief!

Do We Choose God
Alan: I'm sorry. I pieced together an impression from your entries on this and other blogs. Forgive my rush to judgement.
Steven-rem7000: You're screaming - and not listening. It all begins with God's call. Individuals answer. I'm sorry about your family.

Quoran Agree With The Bible
I'm enjoying the reading of this blog and others but two things are becoming abundantly clear:
1. Unless you can confess that Jesus is Lord (God), you will never agree on the deity of Christ or the nature of God (trinitarianism). Earlier, I stated that there are many similarities - let's talk about those.
2. It seems like the majority of bloggers are Christians, but many are strident, self-righteous, and miserable. What is going on here?

Do We Choose God
Predestination vs. Free Will - an old debate. Created in His image, mankind has free will. But God was, is, and is to come. He calls, we answer (or choose not to). This discussion is a classic example of how important FAITH is. I don't understand (yes, I am educated) but I trust. One who does not yet have faith and yet has extreme intelligence and keen insights (Hi, Alan!), will never feel peace with this question.

Did God Inspire The Bible
God Breathed! Yes, Willow!
Unerring in matters necessary to faith and salvation. Yes, Alexia, and more...
My dad used to say, "The Bible is 100%written by mankind and 100% by God." I know, impossible, but true. Ryan, you're asking a question that you already know the answer to. It is a matter of Faith.

Why Is The KJ V Bible So Great
Another blog discusses extemism. "The KJV is God's choice and the only real translation!" "The KJV is the most accurate translation to the original scriptures!" Please! The KJV IS a wonderful translation that has stood the test of time. It wasn't translated from the original Greek and Hebrew however (do your homework). Unfortunately the language of 1610 is a hindrance for many, new translations are needed.

Do We Choose God
Alexia: Are you unhappy? You are so strident!

I grew up with an old hymn called I Sought the Lord..." words anonymous, music by Silbelius.
"I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew He moved my soul to seek Him, seeking me, It was not I that found, O Savior true, No, I was found of thee."

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
A salesman uses a gimmick to get you in the door. I think that many use the Prosperity Gospel to lure materialist-minded people to the church. This is dishonest.
When one walks with God, one soon realizes that man's "treasures" are WAY different than what God wants for us. God prospers his people, but not necessarily with material wealth!

Quoran Agree With The Bible
Do you believe the phrase "All good is God's good?" Most major religions have beliefs that are similar to Christianity and God blesses those that honor His commandments, whether or not they know Christ. Of course, on many levels the Quoran agrees with the Bible! On the other hand, Christians confess that Jesus is God, not just a prophet. In this, Christianity is unique among religions.

Religious Extremeism A Threat
Jesus was an extremist in his time. Christians are extremists when we claim, "Jesus is the only way." This isn't what we are talking about, is it? Extremism takes things to the next level: radical theocracy, fascism, intolerance, legislated Sunday observance . . . Just look at Iran to get a sense of how religious extremism can pose a threat. Could it happen here?

Do Christians Have To Go To Church
The early creeds support the importance of church: "I believe in the holy catholic church (notice the small "c")" God established a covenant with his PEOPLE, and then kept both sides! God works through groups, not just individuals. Chuch involvment is not necessary for salvation but it is the natural outgrowth of a Christian walk.

Dressing In An Ungodly Manner
Interesting that most of the discussion is about sexuality. At schools (my profession) the question includes a lot more issues. Isn't the real question on dress, "How can we express ourselves as individuals (cultural, sexual, mood, etc.) while still being modest and God-honoring (Eph. 5)?

Does Bible Contradict Itself
The Bible is sliced, diced, and post holed by Christians and non-Christians alike. Faith assures us that the Bible is God's Word. If there are seeming contradictions, delve into original documents, compare translations, research the historical and cultural context, and identify the literary style. And every once in a while, admit that you just don't know - its okay!

No Instruments In My Church
Each individual or group needs to find a way to praise and worship God. One doesn't need instruments to do that. On the other hand, God Created ALL THINGS. In my experience, if I couldn't celebrate God in worship by using instruments, I think "the very rocks would cry out...!"

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