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Should Jews Become Christians
Shabbat starts soon. Thank you for your responses, good and bad. I will stay as I am. You all be the best you can be as Christians. This is my final post. Good-bye.

Should Jews Become Christians
Calling me a Pharisee and a hypocrite and threatening me with hell are such lovely approaches to me as a means to conversion. I feel so secure and loved by all of you now. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Should Jews Become Christians
Thanks for your responses so far. I will comment after a few more. By the way, I am not Ernie. Thanks!

Any Alternative Medicine Views
Ginger root capsules work well for me when I have indigestion.

Why Living Under The Law
Shawn, as you wish.....

What Day Is The Sabbath
I have enjoyed this discussion. Christians are free to believe whatever they want about the Sabbath. I have said what I wanted to say and will now let it go. Shalom!

Favorite Christian TV Show
Diane, the Reverend Murray is an antisemite. Many of his teachings match those of the Christian Identity movement.

What Is Your Favorite Movie
The Producers (the first one.) Funniest movie. And Schindler's List, by far the best movie ever made.

Favorite Family Vacation
Camping in the eastern Sierras out of Bishop and Lone Pine, California.

Why Living Under The Law
Shawn, if you must resort to name-calling and threats of spiritual doom in your efforts to convert me to Christianity, then you have lost the battle before you began it. It makes your belief system look extremely unattractive indeed. But I still like you anyway. G-d be with you.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Shabbat shalom! We will chat again Saturday evening.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Gordon old fellow, you are welcome to believe whatever your heart desires. After all, belief is only belief. I have mine and you have yours. No problem.

Why Living Under The Law
Actually the main purpose of the Torah (Law) is that Jews maintain their identity as Jews. One cannot maintain one's identity as a Jew if one becomes a Christian, nor will one continue to be recognized as a Jew by his former community if he converts.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Gordon, just saying there is nothing at all in the Torah requiring non-Jews to observe Shabbat, which was only given to Israel. But I have no objection if you want to observe it yourself however you want to. There are no Jewish police to stop you. Enjoy your day!

Why Living Under The Law
Shawn, maybe so. I am not a theologian, just stating my personal observations.

Are Tatoos For Ladies
There is nothing in the Torah forbidding Gentiles from having tattooes. They are only forbidden for Jews. But in my view they are unattractive on anybody.

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