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In Need Of Forgiveness
When you repent your sins to God you are forgiven! But, do you need to tell the person you've lied to that you lied and ask forgiveness from them too? Or do you just leave it alone. It's done, it's been years, and it didn't hurt anyone..

Benefits Of Being A Christian
Ask not what Christianity can do for you, but ask what you can do for Christ's sake.

Make-Up Or Hair Color Godly
Someone many years ago asked my opionion if a woman should be able to wear make-up or not, my reply was, I guess it depends on how 'ugly' she is!

Make-up, hair, for women, is it Godly, common sense really, the Holy Spirit, if truely within a woman whose relationship with God is stong and obedient, will hear very clearly if her Heavenly Dad approves of her 'look', not just in make up/hair, also in our clothing attire - chaste is good, elegant, feminine etc...

God Speaks Through Prophets
The Church had better listen up soon, or they could be in the 'whale of a belly' for ignoring those whom God annoints with delivering blunt messages straight from His throne room.

We are in end times, and very soon the 'Church' will beg to hear a 'true' Prophets message.

God Speaks Through Prophets
Prophets are widely misunderstood, the meaning of a Prophet is difficult to explain, let alone understand.

Personally I think the Church is less embracing of Prophets than God would hope for.

Prophets are very insightive, perceptive and sensitive to the things going on in the heavenlies (the battleground unseen)

The walk around with God constantly in their mind and thoughts alike.

Catholic Church Says I Am In Sin
Our faith walk as a christian living person is in Christ, our obedience that brings forth blessings is a promise from God, not a man made church. Marriage is a union of two people, who confess their love in a public ceremony, live faithfully to each other, and God is the centre cord of your union. You dont need a building or permission from a 'Priest' to have Communion, Jesus said 'do this (breaking of bread, taking of wine IN REMEMBERANCE of Me (Jesus), you are husband and wife, and beloved of God.

Catholic Church Says I Am In Sin
Declan, I too am from an Irish family (Protestant & Catholic), my faith is in Jesus Christ, not a man made church of any kind.

"You Priests who forbid people to marry ...eating of certain foods etc" scripture comes to mind, the Catholic heirachy will be in front of God in heaven for many pathetic 'church rules'

You are married, end of story, in God's eyes, you have obeyed Him by declaring your love in the Holy union of marriage, that God created, not a man made church.

What To Do About An Affair
We will marry soon, 12 weeks, after 10 years, things are much different, God has been my only strength, He gave me a personality, 'not to quit, until He gives me the peace to do so' - I am passionate about the same love God has given me, for my fiancee to experience.

This is not for everyone, this is my experience and story.

I am God's daughter, a King as my father, His princess, with God, NOTHING is impossible - His wisdom is the only thing I ask for each day, to live in this human world.

What To Do About An Affair
Lets not 'judge' Amy Grant, 'but for the Grace of God, Go I..etc.

I have experienced unfaithfulness, x3, each time the Holy Spirit told me, word for word, and I confronted my husband to be!

With the righteous anger from my heart, I blasted my fiancee with reasons not to disrespect himself, then I asked him 'why' he thought it was 'ok' to share intimacy with another.

A person's self esteem has every reason to do with 'stupid choices'.

Do I Divorce Unfaithful Husband
Finally, you are 'emotionally' attached to countless memories of this marriage, is it never an easy road to divorce, its painful, however, the courage it takes to divorce, must be supported from those who love you unconditionally as Christ loves you.

When you know God, you know Peace, where there is no Peace, there is no God - rest in His arms today, He will lead you, He is faithful, His mercies are new every morning, Romans 5.5 is great scripture for your heart to lean into for the time being.

Do I Divorce Unfaithful Husband
cont'd, also let the wisdom in your mind, and the love of God in your heart lead you to choices to regain the joy you are absent of, for now. Hosea and Gomer's story, is wonderful, a story that God used to show His love for Israel, however, Hosea was annointed with the obedience to do as God asked him.

Forgiveness, is a choice. If you forgive this man, you are still, by what you say emotionally, finanically and spiritually bankrupt, and that is not the kind of husband anyone would deserve.

Do I Divorce Unfaithful Husband
Jesus stated to give 'wives a Certificate of Divorce' if a man was mistreating them or sexually unfaitful - you are human and deserve an abundant life that Christ's promises in His word.

Respecting yourself, sometimes, for some, is necessary to 'legally' divorce from someone, perhaps God was never in between this marriage, I mean, this man was'nt God's best choice for you. I encourage you to learn from the experiences.

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