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Pray For My Friends Son
Dear Jesus, please touch this young man. Bring peace to his mind Lord, and healing to his body. Surround him in Your love Lord, and let him know You are with him always. Thank You Jesus for what You are going to do in Ryan's life.

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
Just go to google and search Christian pumkin, its kinda cute, how we are like pumkins, people judge one by the outside how it looks, but they never really see the messy inside til later. Its really neat, I did it with my class last year and they had a ball with it. There is no halloween stuff involved just a vegetable, and how it is like us.

Why Suffering In This World
Because God has given us freewill. Sadly alot of times we use that freewill to hurt other people. We live in a world that basically chooses to ignore God, refuses to ask for His help, yet are very quick to blame Him when things go wrong. Giving your life over to Jesus, will not stop the suffering, but at least He will carry the burdens for you, and give you peace that passes all understanding.

Would God Forgive The Devil
satan is the father of all lies, and I imagine he has fooled himself into believing he can win his war against God.

How To Get Church Visitors
Once a month at church we have a special of some kind, a dinner or the kids sing, the youth are doing a skit. Something that makes it easier to invite someone.

What's Up Again
Well for Pastor appreciation, my Wednesday night childrens church class, cooked and served a three course meal to the pastor and his wife. My brother is a chef, so he helped in a big way...but it was fun, the pastor and his wife had a good time and the kids had a blast doing it.

I Now Have No Friends
This happened to me too. I was into the drinking, and clubbing scene. Once Jesus came into my heart, my life was changed, and once I dropped out of the club scene, my friends left me. I got into a wonderful church, and God brought new friends into my life, ones I know will pray with me, and be there for me. Pray, and ask God for friends, He knows you need them and He'll will send you great ones. But remember Jesus will always be there for you, He will be your greatest friend.

School Teaching Evolution Material
Well at 16, he is going to make up his own mind on what to believe. Find out what they are teaching at school, and take him to the Bible and show him what really happend. Is he grounded in God's Word? Does he take his walk with God seriously? If he does, he will know which is true.

Singleness Made You Better For God
God has given me peace about being single, I know one day I will be married but I am content for now to wait. I am pretty sure if I was married I wouldn 't have been able to move back home and help with my Grandmother and my dad who both need full time care. And I thank God I was able to do it. This has also given me time to learn to love myself for who I am.

What Can A Shy Person Do
I too am very shy, when i talk to people one on one, I turn the brightest red, even my ears. I started helping at church, by showing up whenever they asked for volunteers. It was fun and the more I was with everyone the more I relaxed. Well now I am on the platform, making announcements every Sunday. Just pray, God will help you.

Major Surgery Prayers
Lord, right now I pray you touch our sister Madison, Lord please wrap her in your arms and give her the peace and comfort only You can. I pray that you will be with her tomoro, and be with the doctors, Lord please just guide their hands so everything goes smoothly Lord. Lord we thank you for Madison, and thank you for working in her life.
I will continue to pray Madison, hope u won't be gone too long. :)

How To Help The Poor
My dad has a ministry, and we go out around the uptown area and give out mittens and hats to the street people (am I allowed to cll them that? No offense intended). Sometimes a hot drink as well. But we go and talk with them for a few minutes and let them know someone cares.

Your Favorite Vacation Spot
My fave vacation spot is actually in my backyard in my hammock beside the pool. This way I have my own bed every night, don't have to leave my cats alone, its very relaxing.

What Was Adam
disobedient, it's a big word it should be allowed on its own. Moderator, why are one word responses not allowed?

Moderator - To stop spam.

Are Christian Conferences Good
I have gone to many conferences, and have seen lives changed, especially young people's. I believe they do reach out to the lost, as most of us who go, make it a point to bring at least 1 unsaved person with us. The ones I go to the Gospel is soundly preached, they make no mistake Jesus is the only Saviour and we are all in need of a Saviour.

Important Things In This Life
The most important thing for me is God, and living a life totally dedicated to Him. And it's a work in process, He's still working on me!

New What's Up Blog
Well, right now I am trying to finish up a book I am writing for my dad called lessons learned. Its a devotion about seeing God in the little things of everyday life. Oh and I finally figured out how to make homemade beans, mine usually don't work but this batch was really good.

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