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Daughter-In-Law Problems
I wrote earlier about difficulties with my dil. I sought counseling and was advised to do the very thing I had been trying-invite her to lunch, shopping, movies- to try to bond. She does not answer calls or return messages. I pass on messages thru my son and also sent her little gifts. These are not acknowledged. On the few occasions when my son hands her the phone she hangs up. I asked my son to talk to her to see what I have done to offend her. However, now my son is becoming distant. Reconciliation is a two way street and it is hard to reach out to someone when your hand is slapped away. I like my dil. I am not asking her to like me but acceptance would be a good start. I pray we will all find a solution.

Cheating Lying Abusive Husband
Since he is physically abusive and cheats on you, you really ought to get a separation and maybe a divorce. He probably will not change, and things will get worse. I married a man like that and I always expected God to change him. No matter how much I prayed, He did not change him. One day I might have to leave mine. I would have long ago if I had had any place to go. Mine controlled me more than some people realized. Like taking things off of the car so I could not go anywhere. Even wheels. Like absolutely refusing to let me work. Calling me all the time he was at work to find out where I was. The longer I stayed with him the more children he made me have. Better get out while you can is my advice.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
The Lord uses whom He will for His work. If the work is good, it is from God. If it is questionable, beware. If it is not right, it is from Satan.

I Want My Joy Back
Just keep praying and worship God And you will get it back THE LORD SAID ASK ANYTHING IN MY NAME BELIVING IT AND IT WILL BE DONE

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
how much time do you have? i believe in Him because i am alive today and i have all my family in health, i have a place to live with money in the bank i have a job, he shows me His love because i am chosen by Him for this hour, many are called but few a re chosen. there are not enough words to expain why i belive in Him, i am not ignorant.

Fell Asleep At A Guys Home
Whatever that happened for your husband to leave has already happened.
1. see him personaly and apologise unless he is avoiding you. verbal face to face communication is much better.
2. put yourself in the wronged persons shoe and see how he must feel. you got him to marry you, use the same process to get him back home.
4. remember there is nothing you can do without prayer, so every step, pray before you take the action. i will also be praying with you. bring me the feedback after you are done

Why Doesn't God Talk To Me
Caring,i dont understand why you told this other person they need to change churches if they heard a aubiable voice I have heard God speak to me aubiable.some times we can't hear the Lord speaking to us because because we don't get quite enough to hear him I have a lot of times have the news on or my music I thought not to long ago God is not speaking to me,.and the thought came to me because you are not quite enough.

How Do I Live A Holy Life
put God first at all times, yes it is hard
because of this old world, but we have to
be christ like and devote our thoughts to
the higher power, and let him guide us,

Is The Tooth Fairy Biblical
No tooth Fairy is not in the bible and when people teach there children there is a tooth Fairy Santa Clause Easter Bunny so on they are lying to them and then when they find out
all this was unture they are hurt so tell them the truth from the begianing

Trials To Get To Heaven
Go to your bible and look up backside and read the verses on this topic One of the verses even says altho people turn away from him .In one scripture it say's the Lord is still married to the backsilder the church is the bride and Jesus is the bridegroom.

144,000 JWs Go To Heaven
"Jesus came that we may have life." "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but have everlasting life."God didn't say, "just the 144,000 will have everlasting life" NO, He loves all of us here on earth that He allowed His precious Son to die on the cross that we all might live eternally with Him. Betty

Christmas Not In The Bible
The Jewish callender says he was born in Oct

Is Jesus also God
Yes the Father the son and the Holy Ghost are one and the same

I Want To Divorce My Husband
I've been separated for 5 1/2 yrs. after a 15 year relationship/marriage . My husband's verbally abusive and full of rage. I have not divorced. He says he is going to. The Lord's with me. Divorce is never the answer. Remain obedient to God, draw into Him and remain faithful to Him. So hard, but God will get you through. Don't start that divorce. Let go and let God. Take certain steps to protect you and yours, but don't file. Let him do it. In the mean time, pray for restoration and healing.

I Don't Think God Is Real
You just dont know the living God He is our Joy,peace,contenment The only thing we can give him is our worship .What planet did you fall off of He also is our provider and protecter Christain have fun.Try him you will love him

When Was Christ Born
According to the Jewish callender jesus was born in Oct

Outward Worship Better
Well when the power of God hit's you you are going to move one way or another cry laugh jump you have ro have the spirit to worship like this thought Have you received the Holy Ghost since you belived

Why Are There So Many Churches
There is only one Church the one Jesus died for.but people have strayed away from truth and went there own ways and started all the other church there is only one plan and Jesus
gave his deciple the way to be saved but man didn't wont truth and divided the Lord into three Gods

Need To Be ReBaptised
No if you had the Holy Ghost and backside you knew to repent we are only to be Babtise Heb6-6

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