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Simply Believe God
Moderator... I attended a Word of Faith church for 12 yrs. I was constantly asking questions and reasoning things out. My Pastors had no problem with that because that is how we learn and grow stronger in the Lord. We were encouraged to study and ask questions. Even God says, Come let us reason together. Please do not lump all WF into one.

Is Political Correctness Proper
The Bible teaches us to call things as they are. Political correctness teaches us to call things as others want them to be called. Which is Truth? I think its part of the lie of Satan. It's subtle and seems right but...we must obey God when the law goes against Him.

How Do You Pray
Prayer is talking to God. I start with praise then I talk ask for help, direction, give Him my cares for myself and otheres. Then I praise Him again for answering. Sometimes I apologize if needed. It's just like talking to my father because He is my Father.

What Is Your Witnessing Style
I do my best to live the way God wants me to live. I answer questions people have concerning God, Jesus and Christianity to the best of my ability. If they are troubled or hurting I ask if I can pray for them. I do not condemn anyone.

In Your Face Evangelism
Personally, I don't like the in your face way, so I try not to do that. Some people however, can only be reached that way. It depends on the personality of the person you are witnessing to. For some, it's a fast way to turn them off. For some it's not.

Biggest Challenge For Church
Getting past the We're the only ones who believe rightly and join together in unity to preach the Gospel. If this site is any indication, it won't happen for a long time unless God intervenes.

Jesus' Resurrection Denied
My Bible says He did rise from the grave and the Bible is the Word of God and God is not a man that He should lie. So whatever the unbeliever says does not affect my faith.

Marriage Is A Fairy Tale
If you have given up on believing God then you have no hope of gaining a mate. Get your trust back and start believing Him again. 30 is such a young age. I know people who waited much longer before they found the right one. Patience.

Cons Of Stem Cell Research
From what little I know on the subject, the stem cells come from aborted babies. In other words, babies who are killed by their mothers and the doctors who perform the dirty deed. I don't know what else could be more compelling to change her mind than that.

Can The Dead Speak To Us
I agree with the Moderator. What they see and hear are familiar spirits. It is all demonic and not a place where Christians need to go unless they are being used by God to deliver these people who are being affected by this.

Is God Nuturing Like A Mother
First, the Bible says that God is our Father. It also says He is Love. Because He is Love, He can and does love us more than any mother could. Jesus is The Son. The Holy Spirit is Spirit. Man has attributed gender qualities to love, not God.

Financial Ruin Is Causing Pain
I have been in your situation, so I do understand what your'e going thru. Your answer is in your question. You are trying so hard to help yourself. Why not let God in and let Him help you? Matt. 6:25-34 and 7:7-8. Trust God to be faithful to perform His Word. He will. I know this for a fact. If you need to talk contact me on penpals. betty8468. I'll pray for you.

Jesus Sent The Comforter Back
Jesus lives in us by the power of the HS. If He were still on earth, He could not live in us. Jesus in the flesh could not be in all places at once, but the HS can be and is. I hope this helps, tho I never really thought of this question before so I don't know how correct my answer is.

Religious Extremeism A Threat
There will never be world peace until the Prince of Peace comes to rule and reign forever. As for extremism, Jesus, when He was on this earth was considered to be an extremist and He did change the world.

God Takes Too Much
First I am very sorry for all you have gone through. I pray God will give you the strength and peace you need. God did not take anyone away from you. This world is full of sin and it's consequences. It has been since the fall of man. Trust God. Lean on Him and He will give you the understanding and answers you seek.

Should A Woman Be President
My reality is that His will be done on earth as it is heaven. And that is all I will say on this matter.

Should A Woman Be President
stevenq... If I were you I'd be praying for God to put in the person that He wants as president NOT who you or anyone else does not want. I believe it goes like this... Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven....

Biggest Challenge For Church
Getting past the We're the only ones who believe rightly and join together in unity to preach the Gospel. If this site is any indication, it won't happen for a long time unless God intervenes.

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