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Rapture Already Happened
I cant say that I have done an in depth study of the rapture just yet. However, if it happened in 70 AD, that means, hold on, let me do the math...fourteen, minus two, carry the nine...yeah, that means it happened before the bible was compiled. Oh, and it also means that Christ already came for the 2nd time, and now its 2008 AD, and we are either in hell or some part of the tribulation. This aint so bad...

(just kidding moderator, I couldnt help myself...pray for me)

No Anthority Over A Man
I love my wife for this one because she agrees reluctantly. If you say that you love the Lord, and follow His decrees, and dont admit that that men were created to be the authority then you are a liar. The Bible is very clear, in all instances, that the man is the ultimate authority. If modern women would simply accept the role designed for them, they would enjoy far more blessings than they think they will enjoy by crossing the line.

Lunch With Jehovah Witness
I, too would avoid a spiritual confrontation if you really didnt feel prepared for it. Trust the Holy Spirit in you that says you're not ready. Christianity is a weak argument for the unbeliever, and the absolute truth to the believer. And dont feel bad about not being ready to defend your belife just yet. I suggest that you ask the Lord for an inexplicable and tangible experience with Him, one nobody could argue, and I will bet he will oblige.

Are Churches Keeping Us From God
The church does a better job of discouraging believers than the enemy does. Too many churches simply refuse to teach the gospel for exactly what it is. I always thought that God was so complicated and mysterious, until I met Him. The gospel is easy, its just not taught. I feel sorry for those who rely on the church to foster their relationship with Christ, because most cant help you.

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