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Christians Make Nations Great

george w bush was decisive on 911


is given to george w bush.

he ignored it. is that decisive?
bush said 'i don't know where osama is '
the mastermind of 911
is that decisive
bush went after saddam instead of the mastermind of 911.
is that decisive?
bush said 'i am protecting US' after 911
is that decisive?

Tithe And File Bankruptcy
why don't you ask your pastor some financial help since your pastor can afford to drive a luxury car & live in a home.

Christians Make Nations Great


define righteousness? anybody can define & justify 'righteousness'. many believed in W. bush & HIS righteousness, his 'christianity' but for 8 years of his presidency did people rejoice? people suffered bec. of HIS war, torture, unemployment, homelessness.
and pat robertson even JUSTIFIED bush 'righteousness'. now that US is a mess, christians blame the liberal democrats.

Do We Need To Confess Our Sins
From the introduction of sin in the Garden all the way through and including Paul's gospel, it is clear that man - all men - are sinners. Strong's notes that the word "confess" derives from "Kosmos" which means "to acknowledge". We confess our sins by acknowledging them (admitting we are sinners). Can one become a believer without acknowledging you're a sinner? Confessing sins in prayer every minute to the Father does not make sense when the Christ took away all sins. If you adhere to verbal confession for arriving at the Gate of Heaven versus the pit, if you covet a fancy car that drives by and you die before you are able to confess that sin, do you go to the pit? Coveting is a sin just as murder, etc.

Do We Need To Confess Our Sins
Lord Jesus Christ finished everything at the cross for EVERY person. Finished it all, but man still wants to say His work fell short...we need to be baptized, confess sins every minute, etc. etc. Man wants to work, work, work, work for it. His work at the Cross was great, but I need to blah blah blah. This is the prideful nature of man, which is not something I would subscribe to. I'll stick with the finished work of the Cross because it was perfect, and it finished EVERYTHING. Peace.

Christians Make Nations Great

so god is making communist china & russia great?


bush made US great?
let's see...millions unemployed in 2008
requested for $700 BILLion bailout
2 unfinished wars.

Was Iraq War Worth It

here is the US there are public officials urging to CUT government spending but how much spend on iraq that could be used here in the US?

does not make any sense

My Christian Wife Left Me
I married a fellow Christian woman whom constantly commuted adultery and I have not seen her in nearly three years. Is it ok to start looking for another wife?

Why Does God Make Me Suffer
Well not easy to answer this one i know your pain i try to do right for everyone but i get evil in return

What Is The Unworthy Manner
usually the 20-20 rule helps, 20 verses before, 20 after

Men Wear Hats In Church
Who makes the Rules?

For example.. What if Man said it is disrespectful to wear a long sleeve shirt in church? It will then be in our heads that we shall not wear long sleeve shirt in church..?

So who really made this rule about hats? Was it God... OR was it man?

God does not care about worldly things.. How you look or how you dress.. It's all about your heart!!

Showing up in church is more important to God than worrying about the way you look. Don't let anything keep you away from God.

Men Wear Hats In Church
The reply limmit is 125 words so here is the rest of my post.

It all started back with the fig leaf and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Some people wear a hat for the same reason we wear pants, shirts and under clothing and the same reason Adam and Eve did. To cover up our bodies.

It is more of a mental problem whether it be loss of hair, a bump or cancer. I say onto you, stop judging the people around you. They are doing it for a reason and not doing it to be disrespectful in anyway.

Islam At War With Christians

pope urban II called for a crusade in 1095 to free the HOly land from muslin turks.

god wills it was established as a rallying cry & Urban II own letter to flemish confirms that he granted 'remission of their sins' to those undertaking a 'military enterprise' to 'liberate the eastern churches'

so it was the catholic church that started war of liberation from muslim 'heretics'

for more info. wikipedia pope urban II

Church Membership For Salvation

isn't that what Pat robertson & 0700 club do? after you pray with him you are told to call their 1800 & pledge money to him. all of Pat robertson's teaching should be obeyed or you are call a liberal.

Do You Fear God Over Things
mark eaton

Consequently, few people know God.
many people do but
the ingredient that DOESN'T exists in the church is RELATIONSHIP. all you hear is this list of vague ambigous 'don'ts' added w/ THREATs OF punishment. start of the 'sermon' you hear that god WILL PUNISH YOU IF YOU DON'T OBEY his word & many obey but they just don't know how.
you ask an issue, they answer 'that is not biblical'.

no wonder many fear bec. of the threats, & told to shut up & finally you're told to give your money.
but acceptance or being welcomed. NON EXISTANT
that is why i don't go to church anymore

Government Wants Chip In Hands

there is a difference between an implanted chip & the mark of the beast. the mark of the beast is the number of a man. the chip is another technology to make money by big corporations.

How To Be A False Teacher
part 1
the problem is pastors do not GIVE a BALANCE explanation on issues.

ie. a pastor told me that self is SIN the middle of sin is I.
how can you have a relationship when christianity conclude self is a sin?
what about your responsiblities
even christ used the word I when he said Peter it is I!
I is a person first but when you abuse others I becomes sin.
then they will say 'god does not lie' statement to trap you so YOU CAN SAY NOTHING. that is how you get in bondage.

How To Be A False Teacher
part 2

pastors DO NOT GIVE A BALANCE answer

another issue is self confidence
christianity will say 'i can do ALL things with christ confidence'

how can you DO ALL THINGS when you don't have the SKILL?
that verse pertains to CONTENTMENT not being good at what you do at work
ecc says ' sharpen your skills'

again, pastors will say 'god does not lie'. then you are trapped in bondage to shut you up. they are VERY GOOD in quoting verses but does not know HOW TO APPLY IT IN THE REAL WORLD.

How To Be A False Teacher
part 3

MALACHI TRAP. pastors abuse this book. they quote 10% & say 'give your 10% & you won't have room to contain blessings' if you don't you are robbing god. the start of malachi states that IT IS THE PRIEST THAT ROB GOD NOT THE PEOPLE.
they also use this as success principle not sharpening your skills, working hard.
again,they will say 'god does not lie' to shut you up.
if you fail or their quotes does not work, they accuse you of 'YE LACK FAITH' bec. YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM NOT THEM.
malachi also says that the priest are the messengers of god & they STUMBLE PEOPLE.
and I had that experience of BRAINWASHING from a stupid pastor.

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