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Can Christians And Jews Marry
If i love Elsa i can marry her even if she is Jewish and i am not.!!!!1:)

Paddle His Bare Bottom
Yes. And if you do it HARD, he will behave for years!

Books Missing From The Bible
If the casual christian and pew warmer actually bought a Hebrew Lexicon or Concordance, they would see without a DOUBT that words have been changed in English.

"Depart from me you workers of iniquity/lawlessness" The word used is ANomia, it means WITHOUT TORAH.

"Let all meats be received with thanksgiving"

The word used is "Clean meats according to Torah law"

"Nailed the law to the Cross"

Word used is DOGMA, not TORAH, DOGMA means man made religion!

Jesus is a fake made up name by the church, there was no J in the alphabet till a few hundred years ago! Joshua would be a better English Translation!

His name was Yehshua, wich means Salvation!

Can One Refuse Salvation
kathrine you are the thorn on mark v's side. have you read the story? very interesting.

Does God Hate People
you know i cannot tell you if the lord hates people or not,I can only do what alot of you have allready done, give scriptures. And not as well as some of you i might add. But this i can tell you, the important thing to remember here is DOES HE LIKE YOU?!

How To Store Food
i think everyone has forgot the bad i wanted to know the answer myself. to much bickering

Enoch's Writings Missing
The "Book of Enoch", written about 175BC, is often mistaken to contain the prophecies of Enoch, the seventh from Adam, referred to in Jude 1:14.

Enoch, the seventh from Adam, however, lived about 2800 years before this book was reportedly written.

Lucifer is a deceiver and an imitator. This book looks much like his work. It appears to be an imitation of the book of Daniel written about 400 years earlier.

If we believe the scriptures, the author of the "Book of Enoch" (175BC) could not be the same Enoch referred to in Jude 1:14.

To know the truth you must know and believe the scriptures. All revelation comes from God. If you seek him with all your heart you will find Him.

Was Jesus Rich
Jesus was rich.He was from house of David.He was a royal Man.

Ear Piercing A Sin
look at it this way. if it does not glorify the LORD it glorifies satan. nothing in between. if u are worried about weither or not it is a sin don't do it. if the lord said i want to see u today would u wear them to the meeting?

Can I Pierce My Nose
ok if you get a your nose done its you its all about you its what you want to do take time and think about it because its going to be there forever also god made us all differently and if we want to express ourselves and get your nose done go ahead he would still love you.

Was Satan The Music Director
There is no reference to Satan being the minister of music. The one verse that can be used Ez 38:13 only metions instruments in the KJ and NKJ versions with notes to say the Hebrew intention for these words is very hard to understand (other versions do not mention anything to do with instruments)Considering the lack of biblical proof we cannot say that he had anything to do with music in heaven. Also the EZ passage is a prophecy against the King of Trye it is not just talking about Satan

Gemstones Falling Into Church
where does say in the bible that, gemstone fell from heaven.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
Bob, please stop using my name to condemn others. That is not Christ like. People will think you are me. And you are so far off from me. Answer the questions if you can.

Unclean Homes A Sin
Michael, it can be a bit like high school.
Remember those who were not quite in the clique, that were constantly trying to fit in? They made fun of those not in any clique, trying to win favor. When you become an adult, you usually put those days of gushing over others behind you; and repent of being a bully.

Unclean Homes A Sin
I'm for the underdog, the one that others have no problem kicking to the curb.
The approval of God, supercedes the effects of kids/adults that pick on others.

Christian Ten Commandments
Christians with dirty mouths. What I find continually amazing is that were having to explain these things to those who say they are believers. Even the non-Christians understand. The anything goes mentality of American culture now has infected those who ought to know better. So in case your mother never gave you basic instruction in manners, Kathr/Jerry and your father never set a good example, the Scriptures give you all that you need to know about not spewing vulgarities.

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