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Believe The Word Not TV
Eloy, More Name Games! The KJV translates his name as Lucifer, and was in the garden in Eden, BEFORE ADAM! Nonetheless, he is now satan, no matter how many name smoke screens you use!

I Hate My Job And You
There must be reasons you hate your job, everybody have their limits as far as stress, personal pain levels, etc are concerned. I once had a job I had to roll to my knees to get out of bed because of the pain every morning. Think of your health and baby. Maybe your husband will work p/t temporarilly. More than one way to care for our "temples", everything is not from God, as his blessings adds no sorrows!

When Does The Rapture Happen
Broken Seals loosing many things;
Seal 1) Anti-Christ revealed;
Seal 2) A red horse representing war follows;
Seal 3) A black horse representing famines follow war;
Seal 4) A pale horse representing death [and hell] follows war;
Seal 5) Impatient martyred Tribulation Saints;
Seal 6) Anarchy, 144,000 sealed, John sees a great multitude of "Tribulation Saints"; Seal 7) Silence or awe in Heaven for about 1/2 hr at things to come.
Read on for yourself. Maranatha.

What Is The Rapture
The separation of the wheat [believers..Tribulation Saints] from the Tares [unbelievers], will be done 'after' "The Rapture" and "The Great tribulation Period", also known as "Jacob's Trouble", and immediately 'before' "The Millenial Period" on earth. Matt.25;31-46. God Bless & Maranatha!

What Is Dividing The Truth
Rightly dividing the Word(s) of Truth, simply means rightly understanding, believing, etc what you read [James 1:5-6]. As in arithmetic, right or wrong answers, done different(?), always yielding the same right answers.
Wrongly dividing the same Word(s) of Truth produces wrong or different answers to the same scripture(s). Hence many different church 'denominations', with few if any 'common denominators', foudationional Creeds, beliefs, etc. God Bless and Maranatha!

Are We Afraid To Talk
cont.3: It seems the public hearings is simply grandstanding by some, showing disunity, character assinatuons etc, in "..such a time as this".
Too many issues eroding America's existence to play with. Hopefully all are cautious here in our witness, not fearful, or denying our faith, "wise as serpents, harmless as doves"! These are "perilous, perilous times" for all, needing the armies of heaven to end it! Jude 14-17, Rev.18:11-16, 17-21. God Bless & Maranatha.

Are We Afraid To Talk
continuation: There's been nattle's ever since between good and evil, or Go(o)d and the (d)evil one. Anyone not being aware of this at home [& abroad, esp. Christians] are living in an unreal world, seeing this has been plainly stated by some calling us the big satan. Secular and Christian opinions vary greatly on this topic, so I feel it can be self defeating to post things on a christian web site adding to an already long and complex situation that could possibly lead to Armeggeddon.

Are We Afraid To Talk
Lupe, I was simply saying war's or conflict's have always been physical manifestations of what's going on in the spiritual realm, from Lucifer's rebellion recorded in Isa.14:12-17, Ezek.28:12-19.
Lucifer, now satan then got control of God's 'recreation' when he bequiled Adam, through Eve in The Garden In Eden where he had ruled in the previous creation or world recorded in the above scriptures. A world we really know nothing about.

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