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Jewish Temple To Be Rebuilt
I don't have my bible with me now, but Daniel is always a reliable source of information for 'end time' events. Dan.9:25 speaks volumes on the rebuilding of "The Tribulation Temple" being rebuilt during "Jacobs Trouble" ["troubolus times"].

One thing to keep in mind is The Lord will rule on this earth as it is now, from present day Jerusalem for 1,000 years, before The Great White Judgement. Matt.25:1> deals with entering HIS Millenium Kingdom here.

Christmas Or Resurrection Better
The day of death is for believer's in Christ/Messias alone, going to hell is nothing to look forward to! The ressurection has to be #1, cp I Cor.15:35-49,50-58. From what I've read with all due respect, Christmas was around long before Christ's ressurection. In addition, Antiochus Epiphanes created sacrilidge in The Jewish Temples Holy of Holies on Dec.25. The dates may be a coincidence.

When Was The Ice Age
Isa.14:9-11,12-17, Ezek.28:1-10,11-19 gives us a peek into the "Luciferian" world of Gen.1:1. The world 'science' [I Tim.6:20-21] now know was much later [Gen.1:2>] during the (re)creation. Lucifer, before becoming satan, had a throne on earth during an earlier age. A throne means subjects, which no doubt are some of what you are speaking of. Science/evolution is theory only. The bible is factual. Walk in faith til your desired answer comes. "The Ark On Ararat" can help.

Allah And God The Same
Allah's roots are in Medina, the roots of the[Jewish] Christian God of The Tenach/Brith Chadasha or Bible is in Himself [Eternity or before]! God is specific, god is generic, specific to where it is applied [Isa.45:18-25].

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