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Who Is The Antichrist
Anti-Christ is *one specific individual, a spirit [of anti-Christ], and has been/is now, different groups of people & individuals used by satan, the former & fallen Lucifer of the 'original' creation.

Anything or anyone who opposes, or are against The Christ Of The Living God Of All Creation, "The Great I Am That I Am" God!

Cursed The Fig Tree
Nothing disturbing about cursing 'that' fig tree. Fig tree fruit in that local proceed their leaves [seven types], so when The Lord 'saw' it's leaves, being hungry, He went to it 'expecting' something to eat. Good reason! He was a natural man also!

If anyone on a journey today was hungry saw a sign claiming available fuel, food & drink came up empty while the restaurant was bustling, 'you'd know something was wrong' & maybe report them. Amen?

No Problem!

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