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My Infant Son Died
God does want to heal. For his word says by his stripes we are already heal. However, God allows things to take place that we just dont understand. But, his will be done and just know that if we are in his will he has a greater plan. Amen

Pray To God or Jesus

Jesus said pray in this manner "Our Father" and "any thing you ask the Father in My Name"..... But I talk to Jesus too..

Should I Pay My Parents Bills
I noted that all the people living with your parents are of age.Its up to your parents to make them work or leave, its definately not up to you to help out. But, my advise, don't bail your finance out either, don't let your feelings of love make you GIVE.I did that, and in the end, I regreted it. We broke the engagement,my money, lots of it, down the drain.He will move on to the next vunerable woman,and I can never reclaim my loss. I am 69

Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
I was such a couple. I couldn't continue, God dealt with me, I had to leave the church until I could give up my sin. Once I did, and it took me along time of wrestling with myself, because I loved him.I left him, God restored me. He, tho, saw nothing wrong with it, still very much in ministry. But that is up to the church/God/him to face. I did the right thing at great cost.People saw that I left, that he didn't.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
My brother, a pastor, committed suicide. He was mentally ill, overloaded. I believe he was not in his right mind, but felt paniced, couldn't cope. He was only 24, poor,wife,6 mo.old,6 yr old.Beaten terribly as a cild by his father, on his own at 14. I know that God forgave him.God is merciful,unconditionally loving and just.

Invisible Second Coming Of Christ
The bible clearly states that when Jesus returns ALL WILL SEE HIM, as He will return the same way he left, in the clouds. Its in Revelations. When you read revelations,it will give you other references, be sure and read those too.

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