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Can We Misunderstand God
The holy - spirit is promised to those that have jesus. Acts 10 :38 the Holy spirit in doesnt make mistakes we do. even if we do we shouldnt conderm ourselves.If you believe what the word of faith says and you speak faith it doesnt matter what the circumstances might look like. It will come to pass.Dont ask how? why? or when? its Gods bussiness. His word is 100% However one can say so wihtout God based promise selflessly and it surely wont come to pass.. With God all things are possble. Mat 19:26

Contradictions In Scripture
No scipture contradicts scipture. from Genesis to Revelations. I think you said it.Others favour particular things .therefore to justify their choices and condermn others they try to use scripture. Galations 5:22-26

We have to seek God in spirit and true.all scripture of God and He would neva contradict.


Christians With Bad Views
hie there!

I would say it is wrong. certainly we cant change them.But we can develop our Love until we can love them the way they are.Loving someone no matter how bad they are. Matthew 22:37 - 39. to do that we first have to love God.once we do without fear the next thing we will love those unlike us. God calls us to do that

What Is The Lake Of Fire
the bible does say that we shoulnt be involved in arguements that do not build or edify the church. All we must say it eternal dermnation. whateva way. So one just needs to know Christ as their savoiur

Praying In Tongues Devil
Not at all. Only the spirit of God can interpret tounges.

Behind On Our Mortgage
Its not a question of how can you be sure. faith is the substance of things hoped for and not seen. So tho you circumstances are depressing you you have to rise above and know that the God you serve is bigger than your problem. When you do { just watch]

Are You Doing God's Will
JOhn5: 24 " i tell you the truth, whoeva hears my word n believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condermed,he has crossed over from death to life."

believe not everyone that saith Lord, is Born again.Being born again is a condition of the heart,being convinced that i am a sinner and acceptn Jesus as my saviour. There after we walkn in His ways. " Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God in the bible and walking by it by faith not works. Hebrews 11:6

Is Pologamy A Sin
What we have to realise is just because people in the old testament used to be.It wasnt God's original plan.God's original plan was One man one woman. You can read in Genesis and through thru Bible to find that.

What Day Did Jesus Rise
I believe the bible does say that jesus rose on the third day yes. Not only in the gospels but through out the bible.

We have the sign of Jonah. with the three days johan was in the belly of the fish a for shadow that Jesus was to rise on the tird day.he jesus said it himself.Matthew 27: 63 also

Preacher Husband Left Me
I think the reason you have been His wife and have done all you have to help Him was coz you Loved him. So besides being his wife, above that you are a daughter of God. he had just entrusted your care into your Husband.

"Husbands ot to love their wifes as christ loved the church"

It isnt okay for him to do anything he did. Remember he is Human and is circum to sin.he isnt God.

God loves you

Having A 6 Month Affair
It depends on how much faith you have.

come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and i will give you rest" Matthew 11:28

so before you can let emotions and anger take over.Go to God with your husband. Above all you have to forgive your husband. That doesnt neccessarily means reconciliation.However God requires us to. "Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct you" Proverb 3:5

Never Heard Of Jesus Christ
hie there!

The Bible says " For God so loved the world that he gave His only beggotten son that whosoever beileves in Him shouldnt perish but have everlasting life."John 3: 16

God is a just God. he will make a way. Its the soul reason we are here. To get saved.I personally therefore believe Ones will hear of jesus before they die, one way or another and they have to make a choice. God has put his law into unbelievers hearts and more.

Obedience Brings Blessing
Obedience brings blessings. look at the life of Abraham. He was just an ordinary person. He wasnt even a jew but came from a place that didnt knoe God.He was obidient to God's word when he told him to leave and go to a place God was to show him. He is the father of faith.It wasnt because of anything but he listened and obeyed God and it was called and accorded as righteousness. Which ever way " Every word of God is flawless, He is a shield to those who take refugee in Him." Prov 30:5

Is Salvation Eternally Secure
there is one God and one mediator btw God and man. the man christ Jesus.1 tim 2:5

Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1 tim 1:15

Salvation is secure 100%. It would be not gud of a reghteous God not to warn people of apostacy. I geuss the message is Guard your heart for the duration of your LIFE.That you do not know.

Got Saved And Left Me
As easy as it may be for me to seat here and say that : the relationship was not proper in the first place. I know what you may be going thru.

God didnt come to save the safe people but the lost and the broken.1 timothy1:15
" Come unto me all you who are heavly laden and i will give you rest."

Seek God and the rest of all you will ever need will be added to you. He is your father and he will take care of you

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