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Economic And Moral Decline

Dream Big, GOD, a message..I was told to deliver this message to America.God has a master plan for America.Welfare eliminated,our children futures secured with a SocialSecurity reserve bigger then ever.Healthcare,CollegeForAnyone,trust funds,retail discounts.COST TO U.S.GOV.. Zero-nada-zilch..

Lunch With Jehovah Witness
Thought 'cults' had charismatic leaders and kept apart ? Is she waiting a year to have a meal with you? "What fellowship does light have with darkness?"(2 Cor 6:14) If you decide meal partners by their view of trinities, do you sup with Hindus also? JWs disfellowship .not associating with those not holding their beliefs,yet writer does the same to her>because of her Bible beliefs about Christ and his Father. Do you eat with atheists,agnostics? Your dilemma is greater than a meal companion.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Andrea, you go girl! I was a RC and I shall never return to that IDOL house. Maybe they think that their Pope can save them. Ha!
Pope says..."Jump in a lake". They do it.

Catholic Church Like Mormons
You mean they change to follow man's doctrine instead of following God's Word.....

Can I Marry An Old Man
yes you can.if your at the age for marrage
a man & woman that is in love with each other
is all that matter.there is a man that is 30
years older than is wife in church.GOD BLESS

Older Men Handle Younger Women
so is that a question or a statement?

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